Beautiful Girl

Taylor had an elevated heart rate on Friday night, slightly over 100, but nowhere near where she was in Boston.  It was enough however, to prompt the nursing staff to restrict our movements to inside the hospital walls. Taylor, John and I had been looking forward to spending time outside, enjoying the blooming tulips in the beautiful garden and perhaps exploring the immediate neighborhood around Craig Hospital.  Her heart rate is back to normal now.  This episode is making us more seriously consider getting the defibrillator procedure done sooner rather than later since it will allow her more freedom while in in-patient care and the ability to lead a normal life without constantly having to worry about the possibility of another cardiac arrest.  She was very interested in learning more about the procedure and we watched / listened to a video together that explains it in great detail.

Other than that, we spent the day catching up on Reddit news posts and listening to some of her favorite songs she used to play in the shower at MIT.  Taylor was so happy singing and tapping to the tune of “Primadonna Girl”, that I could not help myself to move and sing along with her.

Later she had a phone call with her brother Nathan where she gave some secret pre-prom advice.