Just Chillin’

To allow you to take a break from my father’s typos, I’m here to write a few posts here and there. In case you don’t know me, I’m Taylor’s younger brother, Nathan. I will be visiting my sister here at Craig until the 17th.

The defibrillator procedure now feels like the distant past. The only remnant of it is the temporarily limited left arm movement, and of course, the scar. It took a while to actually do the procedure, but now that it’s over, it’s great. We can leave the hospital to go on long walks or even drive around. Due to the generosity of my uncle Hung and aunt Erica who lent us their car, on Sunday we were able to drive to Downtown Denver and see the 16th street mall. We’ve also been walking around Englewood, the area surrounding Craig. Downtown Englewood is a very nice area with great places to eat. These past few days remind me of when Taylor and I used to hang out with our dad a lot and go to different restaurants and joke all the time.

Craig Hospital is a really wonderful place with great people, care, and support, but it’s time to leave. We are now a week away from discharge, and I think we’re all ready. Taylor has been here for a very long time and it shows by the way everyone knows her. Everybody here is sad to see her leave, but we are ready to come back to LA. This final week is the home stretch.

16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver