Stable and Waiting

Since being transferred to the ICU yesterday, Taylor has stabilized her blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates. She is being well hydrated, and the doctors want to keep her one more night in the ICU for observation before transferring her back to the neurology floor. They still do not know what triggered her excessive storming, which led to the dehydration. All of her scans and cultures have come back negative thus far. This is one hiccup, but the journey forward continues.

6 thoughts on “Stable and Waiting

    • Hi Katie, sorry, we did not see your post. If you are still in town, please come visit. We are on Lunder 8 now.

  1. Hi Taylor
    Sending more sunshine and good thoughts from So Cal! You don’t know us but we know your awesome dad through running, and have been reading your mom and dad’s updates every day. We are glad to hear you are getting re-hydrated and feeling better. We will keep thinking GREAT thoughts for you to get back to the regular floor and also were super happy to hear how well you were responding to the speech therapy, keep going!
    Nell, Pippa, Katie and Georgina

  2. Much love and positive energy to each of you. Incredible people like each of you, do amazing things every day.