Colorado Bound

Craig Hospital in Denver has been chosen (99% certainty) as Taylor’s rehabilitation facility. It was our number one choice because of the closer proximity to LA, younger age of patients, and overall reputation and quality. Yesterday, we met with Donna, a representative from Craig, who came all the way out to Boston to examine Taylor and her care team to make sure they were a good fit. Today, we learned that Taylor was accepted into the program and that a bed will be available on Monday. Insurance and transportation are the only issues pending, but neither Donna nor the case worker here at MGH anticipate any problems.

Taylor had a very lazy day today. Her heart rate was up slightly more than yesterday, but other than that, she had a storm-free day. She has also turned into a little wiggle worm and can be quite restless in bed. The doctors attribute this restlessness to her becoming more “awake.” This is another good sign that she is ready for a rehabilitation facility.

13 thoughts on “Colorado Bound

  1. SUCH fantastic news!
    Big hugs to Taylor from her friends and teachers at BHHS

  2. What good news for perfect Taylor! The hospital in Colorado sounds perfect for
    her. Our love and support always.

  3. to more “storm-free” days and more “awakeful” days. blessings from Santa Monica.

  4. Great news! Colorado sounds perfect! Holding you all close and sending support for a safe & smooth journey westward.

  5. Congratulations on finding a place for Taylor with such a wonderful reputation. Please continue to keep her extended family, friends and “fans” posted with her progress.
    Continued prayers and much love!

  6. Kit and John – That is wonderful news! Please let me know if there is anything we can do here on the Denver end. I know that Craig Hospital provides lodging for you guys for the first 30 days at no charge but if you need a place to stay let us know. Craig Hospital is about an hour drive from our house. Can’t wait to see Taylor!

  7. John, so happy that Craig Hospital seems to be such a good fit for Taylor! I’ll pray for a smooth transition (for all of you) to Denver.

  8. Glad to here the wonderful news for Taylor and the entire family. Let me know if you need anything Mimi

  9. Wonderful news that you’ve found the right place for Taylor to continue her journey of recovery. Sending you continued prayers and healing thoughts.