Answering Questions

Today, in the morning, Taylor seemed especially emotional. She had on her sad/crying face. After I calmed her down a little, I started asking her “yes” and “no” questions. I told her that if her answer was “yes,” she should stick out her tongue. If her answer was “no,” she should close her eyes. I asked her if she knew where she was. She stuck out her tongue. I asked her she knew what happened to her. She closed her eyes. I started telling her and she started crying. This made me very emotional, and I started crying, too. I told her that she was getting better and that everything was going to be all right. From doing this, I was also able to determine whether she was in pain and whether she was comfortable. (She was not in pain and was comfortable most of the time.) I also played music for her from Pandora on her phone. Each time I asked if she wanted me to turn it off, she closed her eyes, “no.” (Sounds just like Taylor, right?)

13 thoughts on “Answering Questions

  1. Taylor! I’m so proud of you! Your progress is incredible. I can’t wait to hear all of your further achievements in Colorado. You’re in our thoughts here at MIT. Go get ’em kiddo 🙂

    P.S. Keep rocking on with the music!


  2. Taylor! You’ve made such progress in the past week. I was so very happy to read all the recent updates. I’ll keep this short as I bet the move to Denver will be keeping you and your parents busy. I was so impressed that the hospital flew someone out to Boston to meet you and your parents, and to talk with your treatment team. It sounds like a caring and amazing place.

    I’ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Have a safe and comfortable trip, Taylor, and know you’re surrounded by love from near and far.


  3. Hi Kit, John, & Nathan, We’re excited that Taylor will be going to Colorado for her rehabilitation. It looks like a great place for her with the added bonus of being closer to home! I can’t imagine the roller coaster you are riding each day but it’s so encouraging to think about how far Taylor has come in a short amount of time! Thank you for keeping us posted on how she is doing each day. We think of you often. Valerie, Geoff, Margaret & Thomas

  4. Sending love and support from UU Santa Monica. I know it is not very original but that is always what I want to say. From Rev. Rebecca

  5. Amazing how much progress! It is a long journey but she is strong and she will do well. Hang in there John. Let us know if you need anything.


  6. John, I’m sure it’s upsetting to see Taylor distressed, but it is stunning how much progress she has made. One of your earliest posts on this website indicated that at least one doctor never would have predicted this level of responsiveness. Well, Taylor already has proved that doctor wrong. Clearly, she is understanding much of what you are saying, and now you and she have worked out a way to communicate. Wow! This bodes well for her eventual full recovery. Surely, her progress once she’s at Craig Hospital will pick up even more speed. God bless Taylor and God bless her devoted parents!

  7. Dear Kyra (Kit and John),
    You continue to amaze us with your significant progress. Is there any chance a Skype account can be set up so her MIT friends can check in from time to time to see how she’s doing and to let her hear their loving voices. I know she will be missed by my daughter, and I’m sure by so many others that have grown to love her. We are all excited for the future. Keep up the good work!
    Much love and continued prayers for you and you family

    • I’m so sorry, I mistyped Taylor earlier, I have apparently also have Kyra on the brain, although I meant to type Taylor. My apologies.

    • Of course we will set up video conference sessions so her friends at MIT and around the world can participate in her recovery. Please be patient as we figure out how best to keep everyone involved.

  8. Hi Taylor
    So glad to hear of your fabulous continuing progress. Wow! We are continuing to think great positive thoughts for you. Wishing you and your family a very good move tomorrow to the wonderful state of Colorado.

  9. Taylor, you got this. I am so proud and happy to read this post, to hear about your amazing progress in such a short time, and to hear that your family has found you an awesome rehab center so that you may continue to speed towards your recovery. You’re exceptional in every way, and I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. We are always thinking about you and sending love to you. 🙂