Many Visitors

Taylor had a very good day today. She slept for most of the morning and appeared comfortable. She was less emotional and continued to answer questions with her tongue and eyes, although not all of the time. (She was probably tired of me asking her to stick out her tongue for “yes.”) Her friends from MIT have returned from Spring Break (which was this week), and as they knew that Taylor would be traveling to Colorado soon, many came to visit today. There was a steady stream of visitors in the afternoon and evening and the activity did not seem to upset her.

I found out yesterday that there may be a little hiccup with the paperwork for her transfer to Craig Hospital, so we may be delayed until Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. We won’t know until tomorrow, of course.

3 thoughts on “Many Visitors

  1. On to Colorado…Great news! Looking forward to up dates from Craig Hospital.

  2. Kit, I hope Taylor, John, and you have an uneventful trip to Denver. Craig Hospital’s reputation is impressive and Taylor should be in good hands there. I look forward to reading the next chapters to the story of Taylor’s recovery.