“I have a lot of thank you cards to write”

Taylor loves hearing messages from from all of you who have left them here and on her phone. She is amazed at how many of you write in. Today, we re-read several days worth from the website. She always smiles and is glad to hear the names and comments and is quick to laugh at any joke. She always has a big smile when I mention Mimi’s name, as Taylor can’t believe how often Mimi leaves a comment (thanks so much Mimi!). After hearing many messages, she said, “I have a lot of thank you cards to write.” Unlike her Dad, Taylor has always been awesome at sending thank you cards whenever she receives a gift or when someone does a favor for her. I’m sure one day when she is more able to do so, she will set about writing “thanks” to everyone she can, even though the list is long and growing each day. I will tell her, “No one expects you to write all those thank you cards,” and she will reply, “Don’t worry about it, Dad.”

In addition to the comments written on this site, she has received many text messages on her phone. These are generally different from the website messages in that they are more personal and playful. Most are surprisingly long and thoughtful. I ask Taylor how to reply to these messages, and a few times she said, “I don’t know what to say.” Later, she decided, “I will respond when I can do it myself.”

As I read all of these messages to her, I feel amazed at how many friends Taylor has made who have such great things to say about her. Unknown to me, Taylor has gone through life helping people in need, in small and big ways. Most of the stories are about Taylor seeing someone in need and introducing herself and offering help. These encounters end up in friendships, some lasting, some brief, but all of them meaningful to the people she encountered. One of the long text message stories was about how Taylor befriended someone and helped her through a tough time. It was so moving and beautiful that it left me in tears. I asked Taylor if I could ask the friend to put it on this site, and Taylor said “No, it might make her feel uncomfortable.” I continue to be amazed as I learn so much about Taylor that I didn’t know before.

On behalf of Taylor, thank you everyone for all of your support and kind thoughts.

10 thoughts on ““I have a lot of thank you cards to write”

  1. Tay,

    As I said before thinking that things weren’t going to be okay was so incredibly scary, but it sounds like you’re doing so much better!!!
    Anna K’s comment reminded me again of that car you worked all summer on. I told my friends here that I truly believe you can do anything, and I suppose my beliefs were confirmed with your insanely speedy recovery.

    Love you,

  2. Taylor-

    It makes me really happy to read that you’re getting better, and especially to see the attitude that you’re maintaining through all of this. I think about you every day, and tell all my friends here about you. I tell them how you sat behind me and used to draw me in Physiology because you’re so smart that that class was boring for you because it was so reductive in many ways (again, for you haha). I also tell them about your Bug, and how you used to drive me to school sometimes, and how nice of you it was to do that literally at the crack of dawn. You are in my prayers all the time and I’m sending lots of love and good energy to you and your family.


  3. Hi Tay Tay!

    I have been organizing some of your Grandma Carolyn’s things and i cannot tell you all the lovely, so sweet “thank you notes” that you have written to her that i have come across! Not one single one “generic”………all so detailed and unique and more a letter than a simple note.She loved to read them and tell me about them. I actually could remember a few that she read to me as i came across them and as i held your note it brought a smile to my face 🙂 Love, Aunt Georganne!

  4. Happy Easter Taylor – hopefully you get some chocolate before your Dad eats it all.
    Easter and spring are good times to reflect on new life. We are all so grateful that you are here to enjoy it.

  5. Taylor I’m so happy to hear you enjoy all the messages. In place of the ‘Dahlman Group’ donut Fridays at lab, I think we should institute an avocado tradition. They are delicious. We will even try the lemon trick, although I must admit I’m a lime guy myself.

    Anyway we’re thinking of you. I can’t begin to explain how proud of you I am. You have always been a star and an inspiration. I don’t know if you knew this, but when I interviewed you and Yiping (along with 30 others), I intended to hire one person. But you two were so impressive I went against my rule and offered you both positions. And I’m so thankful I did. You are amazing. Keep up the great work.

  6. Taylor, reading that you smile when you hear my name is the best thank you note I could ever receive. You owe me nothing, sweetie! Just keep plugging along. Your progress is inspiring and miraculous and, for me, proof that God is good.

  7. I love to hear all your progress! You are incredible and I can’t wait to see you in Colorado. After seeing first hand how fast you’ve progressed in Boston I can only imagine you will be back to computer coding and doing that thing with the worms and smart sciency stuff by time I see you in a few weeks! Keep getting better and I’ll see you soon.


  8. I’ve been reading every day to see how Taylor’s doing, and I’m so excited to hear that she’s getting better! I doubt she remembers me…I was a year ahead at BHHS, but we had a bunch of mutual friends. Sending lots of love from Los Angeles and I can’t wait to hear more about her odds-defying recovery!

  9. Taylor, that you are thinking about needing to thank others is incredibly gracious.

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