In Good Standing


Today Taylor stood up in physical therapy with the help of a standing machine and two helpers. The machine is made to mimic the motion of standing from a seated position. This is better than just pulling her up as it works all the right muscles. All the help is there to ensure that she is standing correctly but she is still doing the work.

Singing Therapy

Taylor has devised her own therapy method. She sings along to the songs playing on her Pandora mix. It is amazing to watch and a big hit with all the staff on the floor. This is amazing considering it takes her a beat to form words. To line up her words to the music she has to accurately gauge the time between when she “places the order” to speak and when the words actually come out. She manages to line up the words with the song exactly.

Team Lew

Taylor’s aunt Pansy came by with another load of home cooked meals for Taylor’s out of town family staying in Denver (right now just me) and chopped up some for Taylor so she could have a home cooked meal as well. The local family support we have received in Denver has been spectacular.

9 thoughts on “In Good Standing

  1. I send much love and positive energy to Taylor .. what amazing news about her singing and standing up!

  2. Love and good thoughts for enjoying new foods, and singing, from Santa Monica.
    Rev. Rebecca

  3. John, it’s amazing to see the progress Taylor is making every day! We are all cheering her (and you and Kit) on!

  4. Hi guys!! I most to compliment Taylor for her coca-cola pj. I’m watching the progress every day,very pleased to read all the wonderful news of Taylor coming around.
    Keep up the good work,Taylor, you are a champ!
    Love you:Dalia

  5. How I would love to hear you singing! Let’s go and Karaoke sing together! My favorite song is, “Don’t Stop Believing” and that’s exactly what I want you to be singing. Keep on believing in all you can do and all that you will do. You are amazing!

  6. Standing and singing…wow! Looking at the photos, I note that Taylor looks in better shape than I am. Given what she’s been through over the last two months, this is embarrassing for me. Go, Taylor!

  7. YOU ARE AWESOME, TAYLOR!!!! <3 ^_^ This picture has made my month. I also love the pigtails ;D

  8. Taylor!! Nice shirt cutie! Ring delivery is tomorrow – Claire, Rachel, and I want to FaceTime you during it if you aren’t busy! (: Love you and so so so proud!

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