Therapy Fun

Taylor is having a lot of fun with her therapy sessions. She is kind of a favorite because she is so small and can be so easily moved (some patients are 300 pounds), and because she is so fun to be around. Here she is with an extra arm provided by her physical therapist:

Taylor is also enjoying time with her Aunts on her mother’s side. Today she was in the family apartment, located on the hospital campus, catching up on family lore with aunt Betty who is visiting from Minnesota, while her Aunt Pansy, local to Denver, is cooking a healthy high magnesium meal. During the meal Taylor was having trouble keeping her food in her mouth because Pansy’s stories about funny family events kept her bursting out laughing. The support from the Lew family continues to be stellar.

Later, just before bed, she got a few letters from well wishers that were great fun for her when we read them. Thanks for all the love everyone brings to this process.



6 thoughts on “Therapy Fun

  1. It’s wonderful to see such great progress – from conversations to walking to discussions about nano-technology – and all with a smile! Exams at MIT are over, the chaos of moving peaked yesterday, and Maseeh is feeling pretty empty today. We send Taylor our wishes to all Maseeh residents – have a great summer and we’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Taylor looks great, and it’s no surprise that she’s a favorite of the therapists and nurses!

  3. What a great post. The pictures are amazing. Such a beautiful smile!

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