A Long Day With A Silver Lining

It is only 4PM EST but it already seems like a really long day. Exciting things started around 3:30 in the morning when the nurse was helping her out. Taylor lifted her hand in a very calm way with a straight wrist and moved it towards her face. She then moved it back just as calmly to her side. She has moved her hand before but in an involuntary and shaky way. This movement was smooth and amazing to watch. When I told the team about the event on rounds this morning their eyes got big.

Taylor then had lots of guests from MIT. Her friends amazed us with stories about Taylor. It’s becoming clear that Taylor has a very full social and work life that included many incredibly talented people.

Taylor had two neurological exams today. In both she did more than was expected! She showed reflex responses to tests including blinking and slight movement of her hands in response to touching her face. These results are an improvement over similar tests she had no response to just a few days before.  We all know Taylor likes to do well on tests and it looks like she is still giving it her all.

7 thoughts on “A Long Day With A Silver Lining

  1. I taught Taylor Honors Physiology at Beverly.

    I am thrilled to hear the news that Taylor is progressing extremely well through her recovery.

    Given all that Taylor learned about her body throughout the course of her senior year, I am confident that she will play a very proactive role in her own recovery.

    Thinking of all of you and sending positive thoughts daily.

  2. Kit and John, I am in awe of this wonderful, “Perfect” site, created to focus the powerful, positive prayers and thoughts of so many on your beautiful Taylor. Thank you for your amazing consideration in your writing and updates on Taylor’s clear progress, and for the opportunity to connect with others in supporting Taylor’s perfect healing. You have created a vibrant, living gift to Taylor, and to those that participate. Blessings.

  3. hi –
    i’m a friend of taylor’s from MIT. would it be possible for me to visit sometime?


    • Hi Laura,
      Yes, it is possible to visit Taylor. The nursing staff has requested that visitors be limited to 4 at a time, so please contact Taylor’s roommate Kyra to coordinate your visit.

      Thanks for your concern.


  4. WOW! These developments are positive, for sure. Taylor seems to be coming around. God bless her! And thanks to her parents for these updates.