Off of propofol!

Today, one of the physicians agreed to let Taylor have a trial off of propofol, which has been keeping her sedated.  As of this post, she has been off of the sedative for about 8 hours, has been tolerating it, and appears comfortable.  She is also breathing well with minimal assistance from the respiratory machine and there is a chance that she may not need the tracheostomy at all and be able to breathe on her own!

16 thoughts on “Off of propofol!

  1. Keep it up, T-bone. Good job. I’m proud of the advances you’ve made already. I’m sending all our energy over to you. I can’t wait to see you soon!

  2. Tailor:

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    Yur Perfuct!

  3. Great News! God’s abundantly Love is there to heal her and for a quick recovery.

    Loves You Taylor.

  4. Great News! God’s abundantly love is there to heal her and for a quick recover.
    Love You Taylor .

  5. Hope things will get better and better. Our hearts go out to your family. You all take care!!

  6. I was one of Taylor’s high school biology teachers and I will dedicate the strength and happiness I feel during each of my runs and Soul Cycle classes to her perfectness.

  7. Denise forwarded this website to me. Our loving thoughts are with you and your perfect Taylor.

  8. What great news! That is wonderful! All positive thoughts with Taylor.

  9. This is good news indeed! Small and steady steps each day and getting stronger. We are all sending you love and positive thoughts your way from the West coast. Thank you for sharing her progress.

  10. Taylor is perfect. You are strong, resilient and making progress every day! Sending love and healing thoughts your way.

  11. Incredible news. Continued love and light and healing thoughts are being sent your way, from lots and lots of Kit’s UUCCSM friends. Keep going, Taylor! <3

  12. What great news! I’m so very encouraged by by her progress. God’s love in all your prayers abound and is bringing healing.