Taylor’s Birthday

Hi Everybody!  This is Taylor, and I’m dictating to my mom.  I’ve had requests to author a post, so here it is.  You may be aware that my 21st birthday was last weekend.  It was bittersweet because I cannot drink due to the brain injury.  Still, it was a good birthday.  My family, Veronika from MIT, and I went to a sushi restaurant.

The food was yummy!  I had no idea that Veronika was coming into town, so it was a happy surprise.

I don’t know what else to write, so you guys can ask me questions, and I will reply to them on this blog.

13 thoughts on “Taylor’s Birthday

  1. Taylor,
    It’s really great to see pictures and videos of you, you’ve come so far from being cemented to the wheelchair. I was at Craig hospital at around the same time as you were, and you look so good. Your running video was really awesome. I’m glad to see that you’ve improved so much, and I wish all the best in your future.

    Much Love,

  2. Hi Taylor – I love seeing you post on the blog! Although I haven’t posted in a while I continue to send all of the positive thoughts I can! The AWIS holiday party was tonight and although I wasn’t able to attend, it made me think that I can’t wait until you can attend a future one. Hugs. Love, Tracy

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, Taylor! You look lovely in the photo of you and your crew out for sushi on your birthday. You are doing so well and i continue to cheer you on!

    All the best,

  4. Hi Taylor, It was so great to see you in LA and celebrate your birthday! You look so good in your Maseeh1 sweater! I had a great time with you and your family – thanks for having me over 🙂 I have a question for you – what should be our next Maseeh1 thing. We’ve done shot glasses, glasses, mugs, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, and sweaters… Running out of ideas. Also, are you listening to any cool books, do you have any suggestions 🙂 Miss you, XOXO, Veronika

  5. Hi Taylor! Happy, Happy Birthday! I wanted to Thank you again for coming to my CD Release Concert. I have been wanting to meet you in person ever since I heard your story. I am glad you dictated your birthday blog. You are an inspiration to many people, Taylor. Enjoy your birthday celebration!
    Love & Blessings,

  6. Happy Birthday, Taylor! I have a question for you, but maybe it is too silly or personal, so you don’t actually have to answer it unless you want to. Here is my question: what are your dreams like since your injury? Are they the same or different than before? Oh, and I mean the actual dreams you may have or remember after you wake up in the morning, not your visions of the future.
    Sending love,
    Rev. Rebecca

    • The earliest dream that I remember since my accident was that I went to a hospital, but it was very late. There were no beds, so I had to sleep in a supply closet. I used to dream that I didn’t have any limitations (like being able to walk and go on the computer), and then one time while I was at Craig, I dreamt that I was in a wheelchair. I haven’t remembered any of my dreams lately.

  7. Everyone is getting so old! My 21st birthday is coming up in two months and I’m not ready. So silly question: what would be your dream way to celebrate your 22nd birthday? 😛

    • For my 22nd, I want to stay home and do nothing because I have decided that “2” is unlucky for me (for example, I had my accident on 2/22, during my 2nd semester of my second year in school). Sorry, that was not helpful.

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