Celebrating the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again. Last Christmas was the last time that we saw Taylor before her accident.  I remember we climbed the Culver City stairs, which are a set of very long and tall steps going up a hill, and looked out over the hazy (smoggy?) city of Century City.  Taylor had climbed the stairs before, but this was my first time, despite having lived in LA for over 10 years!  Of course, she would not be able to climb all those stairs again this Christmas, but she will be able to again one day, as she continues to get stronger and build more balance.  She has recently been working on climbing stairs with only one foot on one step at a time and without using the handrails.  She has even climbed 4 flights of stairs in the parking garage to my car at work when the elevator was out.  This was tiring for her, but she could do it, and little by little, she gets a little bit stronger.

We also have been making Holiday cookies, which is actually very good occupational therapy for her because she needs to use her fine motor skills to roll, cut, and decorate the cookies.

We wish everyone Happy Holidays, and thanks for keeping up with Taylor!

8 thoughts on “Celebrating the Holidays

  1. Merry Christmas Taylor and family! The cookies look delicious! Have a happy New Year, 2015 is going to be remarkable year for you, I can feel it!

  2. Those holiday cookies look fantastic; it’s great to see Taylor getting the chance to exhibit her baking talents again. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  3. Hi Taylor and Kit,

    I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and happy new year! I’m glad you guys seem to be doing well and keep the blog updates rolling! Take care and be safe over the holidays!

  4. I miss making holiday cookies with you!!! They seriously look soo yummy. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas! xx

  5. Dear Taylor,

    I had not looked at your blog in a while — sorry about that — but what a wonderful surprised to see how well you are doing! I hope that the Christmas cookies were yummy.

    I hope that you will share what you get for Christmas and what your favorite gift is. Have a great holiday.


  6. Taylor! I miss you so much. Last Christmas was the last time I saw you. You look more and more like your old self everyday, I’m always amazed by the progress you’ve made. I love you, happy holidays, I can’t wait to see you again. Xoxo ps the cookies look great!!

  7. I love this and I love you, Taylor! Cookies look amazing. =D And 4 flights of stairs?? Dang girl, that is impressive! I hope your holiday season is filled with lots more cookie-making, yummy foods, and joy. Also, I am jealous how warm it must be in California right now–I walked outside after showering the other day and my hair literally froze (didn’t even know that could happen).

  8. Thank you for this update, Kit. Taylor looks lovely in the photos. I am sure she’ll climb the Culver City stairs again eventually. In the meantime, please tell her I said, “Merry Christmas!”

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