What You Can Do

Everyone we have spoken with is asking us what they can do to help. The outpouring of love to our family is amazing and a great help. Fortunately Taylor is getting the best care in the world and her family for the time being has their needs met.

So what can you do?

Fortunately there is a great way for you to help. Simply send us your positive energy!

The Mantra!

To send us your positive energy in a way that is focused and to get it all moving in the same direction we have a mantra to be repeated over and over again when thinking about Taylor. It is simple and easy to remember:

Taylor is Perfect

That’s it. Just say that and you will be doing the best thing you can to help Taylor. You don’t even have to believe it works just do it and you will be helping us. You will also find it frames your own thoughts and makes you feel better about the whole situation.

Don’t Go Negative

Don’t ever go negative when discussing or thinking about Taylor’s condition. She is and continues to be lucky in so many ways. The best thing you can do is to know that there is no need to feel sorry for her or sad about her. She needs your support and that means your POSITIVE support.

Leave a Comment

Feel free to leave a comment to an update (click on updates above) to let Taylor know about your positive vibes. All the comments will be read to Taylor ASAP.

If You Really Want to Donate

A family friend, Alison Glen, has generously set up an online account to accept donations for Taylor. The funds will be put towards equipment and expenses used to setup a home for Taylor in Los Angeles after rehab. Although all the specific costs are not yet known, Taylor will most likely need wheel chair accessibility including ramps and bathroom setup. For these and other costs not covered by insurance we completely appreciate your support.ย  To donate click the link below:



104 thoughts on “What You Can Do

  1. Taylor,

    I just remembered all the shows we used to go to together.
    We saw those three Scottish bands (We Were Promised Jetpacks, the Twilight Sad, and Frightened Rabbit) at the Knitting Factory, which is now closed. The guy from the second band was totally sprawled out on the stage and all we could hear during the 30 minute set was white noise, a testament to why nobody is sad that the Knitting Factory closed.
    Also, remember when we crowdsurfed at the Arctic Monkeys? and ended up behind the huge speakers so it sounded a little off for the rest of the show? and that guy took those terrible sweaty pictures of us?
    Being 15 wasn’t as bad as some like to say it was. Life was pretty fun. Everybody who’s back in town for spring break has been thinking about you, including their parents. You are very present in all our hearts and I’m happy they put those cranes above your bed.


  2. Hi, Taylor!

    I am a friend of your mom’s. We worked together although I left the lab almost two years ago. I visited the lab last week and heard about the challenge you are facing. I have been thinking of you every day since. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every day, throughout the day. My boys and I are pulling for you!! Warm wishes and positive thoughts are flowing your way from California. You are loved and you are not alone. Stay strong!! I will be checking up on you through your website. I will be in touch again later!

    Kit, please let me know if there is anything else my boys and I can do. We are with you guys all the way. TAYLOR IS PERFECT.

    Love, Cinnamon, Travis and Trav Jr.

  3. I am sending you love, hugs and all my positive energy as you heal and continue to make progress. Taylor is perfect!

  4. Hi Taylor, John & Kit! I continue to pray for you every day. Stay strong and know that you are surrounded by love and healing energy coming from friends near and far. Taylor is Perfect!

  5. Hi Kit,
    Susan and I are thinking of you and Taylor and your family. We are praying for her. She is such a beautiful young woman. We wanted you to know we send our positive thoughts and love. We know that can make a difference–it did for us when one of our children had a serious injury.

    Young people are amazing and have incredible strength. I have seen it in my medical practice.

    Taylor is perfect, and you are wonderful.

    Love, Mark and Susan

  6. Hi Taylor,

    You are many parts of my day each day. I am thinking of you right this very minute and reminding you, with so many others, that you are perfect. With each change that comes with you I am filled with heart and hope. Your healing work is wonderful!

  7. You were probably around 8 years of age the last I saw you Taylor, and I remember you clearly. You have obviously grown into an even more amazing person, and a daughter that brings a lot of joy to a parent’s heart.

    May you be surrounded with perfect, healing thoughts. Because of all your accomplishments so far I believe you will continue to find the strength to build on the medical care the doctors and nurse are bringing to bear.

    Much love,

  8. Taylor, I had a desk next to your mom for a while, when she worked at CHLA. It’s heart-warming to hear of the progress you are making and I am sending you and your family all my positive thoughts and prayers. You are a lovely, strong girl! Taylor is perfect!

  9. All the best wishes from Germany!
    We think about her every day!
    Elena and I can only think of her in a very positive way (thinking about or wonderful trip to LA and the concert of “fun” on our last evening) we had so much fun together and she’s such a nice girl.
    Taylor is perfect
    Love from all of us in Germany
    Antonia, Elena, Helge; Johannes, Lennart and Felix

  10. Dear Taylor,
    it’s Malcolm Larissa and Matt Harrison. We’re sending you all our love and thoughts and best wishes! We follow your progress and are all excited for you. We all say “Taylor is Perfect” as we go about our day.
    All our love,
    The Harrisons

  11. Everyday I think of you, Taylor, and your mom and the rest of your family and friends. I send healing and loving thoughts to all of you.


  12. Hi Taylor!
    I hope they’re keeping you nice and entertained. It’s amazing to see how many friends we have who have sent you messages! I was just working with some wiggly red wriggler worms today and thinking of you. It’s so cool that your still interested in that :). Your friends at MIT seem awesomely nerdy, you seem to have found the niche between artsy and smartsy ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love ,

  13. Dear Taylor,

    You are a source of joy and support to everyone who has the chance to meet you, and I have always looked up to your positive attitude, insurmountable intellect, and calming demeanor. Your character is unquestionably perfect in every way. My thoughts are with you and your family, and I hope you have a very speedy recovery!

    All my love,

  14. Hi Taylor,

    All of us in LA are looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you home.
    We can’t wait to be in your beautiful presence and give you and your family a big hug. It’s so wonderful to hear of your positive steps toward recovery. In the picture your dad posted, your big spirit is clear to see. We’re sending love to you,all those who love and surround you in Boston and best wishes for your journey back to LA.
    See you when you get here. It’ll be perfect!

    ( a friend of your mom’s from church)

  15. Taylor,

    Today, I met your Dad. He is AWESOME!!!!! I can see why TAYLOR IS PERFECT!

    Positive thoughts from me and my co-workers at MIT.


  16. Dear Taylor,

    I am inspired by the love and positive energy surrounding you. I know that you will do well.

    I am member of UUCCSM. I don’t remember you from church but I know your mom, Kit. I send my love to Kit and others as they care for you.

    With love,

  17. Taylor is perfect. Taylor will especially think of you, your mom Kit and the rest of the family and sending loving, healing energy while at church today serving coffee, like your Mom and teaching OWL. Taylor is perfect.

  18. Dear Kit,

    I am sending you, Taylor and the whole Family my positive thoughts and prayers!
    What a beautiful way to connect and post Taylor’s progress. Please be strong, and take care of yourself, because your beautiful and perfect Girl needs you ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Taylor,
    I worked with your mom several years ago while she was at UAB. Knowing your mom, I am sure you are as bright and a great person as she is . Sending you tons of positive energy from Birmingham for a speedy recovery.
    Taylor is perfect!!!

    Anju Bansal

  20. Taylor is Perfect!
    Keep fighting the fight and get well soon, Taylor!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Nicole Cramer

  21. Taylor is perfect!
    Taylor, I work with your mom at UCLA, and our entire UCLA family is thinking of you. Taylor is perfect!

  22. Taylor is perfect in every way. All of your Grandmother’s friends in the Texas Hill Country have you in our hearts and we send you love, positive and happy thoughts, and our strength to join with yours.

  23. Taylor is perfect! I will say that many times every day

    We are sending our love and positive thoughts your way!

  24. Remember, no its or yous in science! I hope you recover quickly and back to your bubbly self asap.

  25. Taylor is perfect!
    My positive thoughts are with all of you for Taylor’s recovery.

  26. Taylor, I didn’t know you very well in high school, but we had several mutual friends, and I always remember your kind smile and thoughtfulness. You are perfect! And you seem to have an equally perfect and amazing family. Sending you lots of sunshine from CA! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hi Taylor!

    Taylor is perfect! Absolutely perfect!

    I can see your cells working like mad – it’s an amazing concert going on and all of them are zealous with their mission. Each is moving with purpose and certainty – they know exactly what they need to do, where they need to go, how to come together, all to do their best healing job. They’re so organized! You’ve never seen such a team of cells working together like your cells! It’s amazing! Absolutely amazing!! I can’t wait for you to see all that they’ve accomplished already – all that you’ve accomplished already! And simultaneously, I am sending my healing energy your way. Big, humongous waves of it.

    Taylor is perfect!
    Taylor is perfect!
    Taylor is perfect!

  28. Taylor IS perfect! How many 17-year-olds spend a Saturday afternoon make salad for homeless people experiencing mental health issues? I was so impressed to be prepping salad next to Taylor at Step Up on Second in Santa Monica. One of the outreach services through our church, UUCCSM. I’m sure encouragement by Kit helped motivate Taylor.
    Our thoughts are with you all. It’s ALL GOOD!

  29. Sending positive, healing vibes to Taylor who is perfect.

    Cynthia in MIT Architecture

    • Sending love and holding you and your family in the light today. Very grateful to those who are putting this website together and those who are with you right now.

  30. Dear Taylor,
    We are friends with your dad. We know him through the running group. We actually tried to hire you about 2 years ago to help drive my kids around…I think you were just getting started with the whole MIT thing.

    Any who… Wanted to share with you that your dad rode a razor scooter at our St Patricks Day party last year. He rode it like a pro. I bet you had to share your scooter with him when you were a kid!!!

    Sending you love,
    The Silversteins

  31. Taylor, you are perfect and you are going to get well soon!
    My warmest thoughts are with you and your family.

    Bianca – fellow Arts-Scholar

  32. Hi there Taylor,
    You are a lovely human being, and I wish you a very speedy recovery. Stay perfect!

  33. Taylor,
    You ARE perfect!!!!!!
    I’m sending big hugs and warm, positive thoughts from across the country in BH.
    You are strong, so I know you will bounce back fast and even more amazing than ever!
    Marla Weiss

  34. Taylor is Perfect! A fellow arts scholar wishing that Taylor will get well very very very soon. You are the sweetest everrrr! <3<3<3

  35. John – Thinking about you and your family non-stop. Taylor is Perfect.

  36. Taylor, the power of the mind overshadows all reason and expectations. The love and care from you family and friends help fuel you own strength, making you overcome your current situation.

  37. Taylor,
    I once saw a whale shiver at the touch of a human hand.
    Knowing that, I touch the strand of the web of creation
    that leads to you, your family, and all who surround you,
    sending you shivers of love, peace, strength, hope.
    Taylor, you are a perfect child of the universe, stardust and golden.
    We bask in your light, we cradle you deep.

    Love, Kris

  38. Taylor is Perfect!
    We are looking forward to seeing you at home this summer when you take a school break!
    Hurry up a get well!
    We are waiting for you.
    Kirk, Jimmy and Lucy

  39. Hi Taylor, you have always been amazing to me. And you continue to be amazing. You are beautiful and strong. You are capable of all healing and continue to bring love to the world.
    Thank you to the Shaw family for the updates.

  40. Taylor,

    It has been a few years since I have seen you. You have grown up and become a beautiful young lady. We wish you the best on your road to recovery. You are in our prayers. It won’t be long until once again you are perfect.

    John & Kit,

    Anything, just let me know.

  41. Taylor,
    It is crazy to me to think the day before this all happened we were walking around Boston and searching for your school ID in the snow. I am so glad we have kept in touch in college. You are my little piece of home that I get to keep on the East Coast. You are perfect. I look up to your work ethic and kindness and I am so happy to call you a friend. Sending positive energy your way!


  42. I didn’t know Taylor too well at BHHS (I was a grade ahead), but we had a lot of the same friends. Taylor, I’m wishing you (and your amazing family) all the best right now and always. From the conversations we had, I can definitely agree: Taylor, you’re perfect! Love (and hopefully, some sunshine!) from CA. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Hi Taylor! We only just met a couple weeks ago in New York with the Arts Scholars, and already I got to sense how warm and friendly you are. Rest up, get well soon and I’m already looking forward to spending time with you! Taylor is perfect.

  44. Taylor,
    I have always known how brilliant you are, and that is no secret. You are a strong person, and you can pull though this. You are perfect! You have so many people supporting you though this tough time! John, Nathan, and Kit, my wishes go out to you. Sending positive energy your way!
    ~ Jessica Rose

  45. Taylor,

    You’re honestly the best and the amount of effort you put into maintaining friendships is unbelievable. You’re amazing, not to be trite, and deserve nothing but the best.


  46. Taylor, your kindness and talent has really touched me in the time I’ve known you. I hope you get better soon, and come back to MIT to keep sharing your positive energy. <3

  47. Taylor, you’re perfect!! Stay strong. Sending love to you and your family.


  48. Had the pleasure of meeting Taylor and her friends occasionally at my local LA cafe as they were getting ready to head off to college. As an illustrator, I spend much of my free time sketching people in cafรฉs, and it was always a pleasure to see Taylor and draw her and her friends. I was always impressed with her spark, wit, and charm; and thrilled to hear she’d be going to MIT to impress even more people. I’m sure she’ll be blasting through all the upper limits to any tests you give her. Drawing Taylor made me wish I was a better artist, because… Taylor is perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Taylor,
    I’m so happy we reconnected this summer. You’re the smartest person I know (and have ever known) and I have been so proud of you for all your accomplishments. Even though we have drifted apart since the days of the Cat Club, I still treasure our friendship and look forward to the things you will do in the future. I know your amazing family will take care of you. I am sure you’ll make a full recovery and laugh about this later on. If anyone deserves a happy ending in life, it’s you. You’re perfect and I love you!!!!!!!!!
    Kit, John, Nathan: stay strong. also thank you for making this website, it’s really beautiful.

  50. Taylor,
    It’s been a really long time since we’ve seen each other or had a chance to talk, but you continue to be so perfect. You do nothing but impress and bring joy to everyone lucky enough to come into contact with you. I can’t wait until I can experience that again.
    Get well soon and kick butt,

  51. Taylor we are wishing you all the best from Beverly Hills!!! You are awesome. All our love from bhhs and bhhs architecture. =)

  52. You’re perfect Taylor! Keep getting better!!

    Sending all my positivity,

  53. Taylor is perfect! Will keep the extra positive thoughts going every single day!

  54. Taylor,

    We met briefly in London and we went to a music show, you have such a lovely personality and we both lived in Boston at the time. I know you will get through this! You have wonderful parents that love you so much! I hope that soon I’ll be able to meet you again!

    You are perfect.

  55. Taylor,

    It was so wonderful for Juliana and I to run you in Venice recently. Your warm smile, gracious demeanor, positive attitude, and confident intellect continue to inspire us all. You are so perfect; I hope to see you soon.

    Sending you all my support and positivity,

  56. Taylor, you are perfect. You are strong and courageous. You have the love and positive thoughts of all of us by your side at all times. Taylor is perfect.

  57. John,
    Thank you for the email and this website to keep me updated with Taylor’s condition.
    I always loved Taylor since I met her . She is a wonderful adorable girl with an amazing future.
    All my prayers and love are with her and you . I am very sure Taylor will get well and back to be this happy amazing young girl I always knew.

    Love you Perfect daughter of God Taylor!

    Leydy & Vaitaire

  58. John – thank you for the email and website link. So sorry to hear about perfect Taylor and this life change for her, your family and friends. Our thoughts are with you and yours and I will definitely keep you all in my prayers. We wish for Taylor a speedy and gentle recovery into her new life – anything we can do to help, we are here for you.
    JJ and Tony

  59. Taylor is perfect. She is surrounded by the love and healing energy that will help her recover.

  60. Taylor is Perfect! She is amazing and the brain is an amazing organ. It can heal itself more than you can imagine. I have experience with brain injury, having been in an accident that resulted in a 10-day coma way back when I was a bit younger than Taylor. Taylor is fighting to come back and she will succeed! Taylor is Perfect!

  61. This is our version of Taylor is Perfect, feel free to use your own adjectives



    Card shark

  62. Taylor, YOU are perfect! Perfect has been your middle name since the day I met you. Keep strong & keep perfect, Taylor Perfect Shaw!

  63. Taylor is perfect…..and getting stronger every day! Our thoughts are with her and her family.

  64. Man! Sorry to hear it. But I’m keeping a positive thought from Barcelona. I’ll keep hoping for the best for you all!!

  65. Taylor is Perfect! Taylor is Perfect! Taylor is Perfect!
    Sending love and positivity from Los Angeles. Friendship and love are vital to life. We are here for all of you.

  66. Dear Taylor,

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery. We know you are perfect.

  67. “Taylor is perfect” is all I can say and think of. She has always been such an insanely strong and amazing person and someone to look up to. Sending lots of positive thoughts her way.

    So much love, Zoie

  68. Taylor U R perfect. May the light/energy source continure to heal your being. U have a special place in my heart as U have that special feeling for all things from those days of 60’s Peace and Love. May peace & love infuse your heart and breathe new life. Pure love to U and your family and friends. Taylor Is Perfect. Stanley

  69. I breathe in Taylor is Perfect
    I breathe out Taylor is strong
    I breathe in Taylor is Perfect
    I breathe out Taylor is healthy
    I breathe in Taylor is Perfect
    I breath out Taylor is healing
    I breathe in Taylor is Perfect
    I breathe out Taylor is Love
    Taylor is Perfect.

  70. Taylor is Perfect. Her Creator made her that way and knows only her uninterrupted integrity and wholeness. She is the complete expression of intelligence, health, wholeness, courage, strength, joy and peace. Taylor is undeniably and exuberantly Perfect.

  71. Taylor is perfect.
    She is healing perfectly.
    She is perfectly healthy.
    She is perfectly filled with light.
    She is perfectly embraced with caring.
    Love surrounds Taylor perfectly
    On her healing journey.
    Taylor is perfect loved.
    Taylor is perfect.

  72. While there are others on the Department of Architecture staff who have had the good fortune to connect with Taylor frequently, I know from passing Taylor’s perfect smile, shining countenance, and upbeat attitude. Taylor is Perfect.

  73. Dear Taylor.

    As part of MIT strong, I am about to go on a 20 mile run. I dedicate this run to you. Hoping you can join us with MIT strength for the marathon!

    With all my best, and with positive thoughts from our entire Arcchitectural community at MIT.


    Nader Tehrani

  74. Taylor is Perfect.

    On shared hiking trails, I have seen the strength, love, and joy you inspire in Kit, Taylor. To see how you and your family are a beacon for positive energy now reminds me of the full-hearted feeling of exhilaration and determination at seeing a beautiful mountain ahead with a full day of hiking gradually unfolding underfoot. I wish you strength, love, and joy in your journey ahead.

    Taylor is Perfect.

    With lots of positive energy on its way to you and your family,
    – Danielle

  75. Dear perfect Taylor Gang,

    Youโ€™re doing great out there, girl! Seeing you yesterday was amazing, because I could see how strong you were. I know youโ€™ll come out of this just fine. I hope you know Gerry and I always got your back, just like you had ours in Bio class, haha! Iโ€™ll see you soon Taylor Gang, so strong, so lovely, so perfect.


  76. Taylor I am a friend of your mom’s. She has told me so many great things about you. I know you are an accomplished, young, and strong woman. My positive thoughts are with you and your family. Taylor is Perfect. Kit I stand with Melody and Amanda – if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask.

    love Nan

  77. We met Nathan for the first time in December 2013 at Venice Beach.
    I thought he looked Perfect.
    Since HE looked Perfect that can only mean that Taylor IS PERFECT !

  78. (singing)

    We are sending you light
    To heal you
    To hold you
    We are sending you light
    To hold you in LOVE

    We are sending you light
    To heal you
    To hold you
    We are sending you light
    To hold you in LOVE

    We are sending you light
    To heal you
    To hold you
    We are sending you light
    To hold you in LOVE

    (keep singing, it gets stronger with each repeat!)

  79. I really wish the best for you guys and Taylor. I may not have ever been very close to taylor, but she was near to a friend of mine and I know she’s a really kind girl.
    Best wishes,

  80. Kit, I sent you an email early this morning and hope that you received it. My heart and thoughts are with Taylor and with you.
    Taylor, I have heard a lot about you from your mom, we hike sometimes. Go strong!!!

    Best wishes,


  81. I’ve seen the power of positivity cause miracles and knowing that Taylor is perfect will be the mantra that will prove this yet again.

  82. Taylor is Perfect! Now, always and forever. Thank you for the gift of being able to share in this powerful and beautiful affirmation.

    Kit – like Melody, I’m here in LA if there’s anything you need done here.


  83. TaylorIsPerfectTaylorIsPerfectTaylorIsPerfect

    Taylor, I’m a hiking friend of your mom’s. From hearing her speak about you, I know what an amazing and wonderful young lady you are! I am sending positive thoughts your way!

    Kit, I am here if you or your family need anything. Sending you big hugs!


  84. Sending love and healing thought from my heart to yours. TaylorisperfectTaylorisperfectTaylorisperfect.
    Holding you all in the light.

    Love, Ellise

  85. Taylor is perfect! Sending lots of love and positive energy from California. Inge, Findus and Mitzi

  86. Loren and I are Taylors roommate’s grandparents in Ohio. Taylor is perfect. We send all our positive energy.

  87. Taylor is Perfect
    Although quiet, she heals
    Taylor is Perfect
    Loved, she heals
    Taylor is Perfect……
    Her Perfect Healing

    Our love flows to her
    as she heals.
    Our love flows to
    those with her as
    she begins her
    Perfect Healing.

    Trudy, David, Devin and Cheyna

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