Compared to the last 2 days, Taylor had a peaceful day with not much storming and more sleeping.  Then, an unusual thing happened.  When Taylor was awake, with her eyes opened, but not storming, I decided to read her some entries from a journal that we have been asking visitors to sign when they visit Taylor in the hospital.  After I was about halfway through the first reading, Taylor started crying.  This crying was different than the tears we have seen previously when she appeared uncomfortable.  This time, her face got red, her mouth was open in a frown, and the tears poured out, as if she was truly very sad.  I immediately stopped reading, held her hand, and comforted her.  After she had calmed down, I started reading again, and again she started crying.  I stopped reading altogether, and by this time, John had come into the room, and we both comforted her.  We do not know for sure why she was crying.  Was she sad because she knew something was wrong? Was she crying simply because she was confused?  It is hard to know for sure, but we hope that it was because some consciousness had returned to her.

3 thoughts on “Emotion

  1. Taylor, my newest friend, Yes! It’s working! James Dahlman wrote to you this morning, “…we all can see that.” I feel it in my heart and in my prayers, so keep FEELING – sad feelings turn into happy ones! I know. Love, Nina

  2. Kit and John, I know it must have been difficult to see Taylor cry, but it sounds like Taylor was aware to some degree of her circumstances, which is very positive. Perhaps soon you’ll see a smile when you’re reading to her!

  3. Taylor! T-bone! T-money! T-$haw! I know you may feel sad, but we know that you are getting better. Everyone can see that you are improving, and that you’re fighting so hard. And it is working. We all can see that. So keep it up!!! I can’t even tell you how proud we are of you. You are the best and we love you!!!

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