Taylor and I had an adventure on the air ambulance today. The air ambulance was staffed with 2 pilots and 2 medical personnel.  (See picture below for Taylor being loaded onto the plane.) We flew for 2 hours and then stopped in Toledo, OH for fuel. Another 3 hours got us to Colorado. Taylor did mostly very well on the flight, but was uncomfortable for part of it and did some squirming. (But wouldn’t you if you had to lay on a stretcher in a plane for 5 hours?) She slept some on the plane, which was good because she did not sleep much the previous night.

Taylor is now at Craig Hospital. So far, John and I are very impressed with what we’ve seen of the facilities and staff. Their philosophy for rehabilitation seems to match with ours. For example, we have always felt that Taylor was ready to be weaned off of the tracheostomy, but the staff at MGH never wanted to take the first step, which was to deflate the cuff. When the cuff of the trach is up, all of Taylor’s secretions from her mouth and her nose go straight into the trach. With the cuff down, Taylor has to manage her own secretions from her mouth and nose by swallowing and allowing them to go to her stomach. If she doesn’t do this correctly, the secretions can go into her lungs and possibly cause an infection. The staff at MGH never wanted to take this risk always telling us that she wasn’t ready. We’ll, not even more than 2 hours of arriving at Craig, the respiratory therapist came to see Taylor and deflated the cuff. And guess what? Taylor had a little trouble in the beginning with the new feel of her trach, but she was able to manage just fine! Also, she has been sleeping…a lot! I guess it was a very exciting and tiring day.

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  1. Hi guys!! We are glad to hear that you arrived safely to Colorado.
    We are happy to hear all the good news about Taylor’s progress and we are praying for more positive news.
    P.s. Taylor is perfect

  2. Mario and I are sending you guys lots of positive energy. Glad you guys got Taylor to the new hospital which seems like a great step forward. Take care!

  3. So happy that the wait is over, that you’ve arrived safely in Colorado, and that you’re seeing progress already! Great news about the trach – a very hopeful sign of things to come! We wish Taylor, you, John and Nathan all the best as this new phase begins. We’ll be watching for updates.

    Much love and warmest wishes from Maseeh.

    Suzanne and Jack

  4. Hi Taylor,
    So glad to hear you are now in my home state of Colorado. Colorado has special healing properties – something about that high altitude and all the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Craig has an excellent reputation for rehab and is also the name of my brother, who happens to be the most caring person I know. These are all good omens. Sending good vibes and holding you and your family in our hearts,
    Karen Canady,
    Dorky OWL teacher & UU who knows that
    Taylor is perfect!

  5. That’s exciting – it sounds like Craig is exactly the kind of place Taylor needs to be to help her come back. All the best….TAYLOR IS PERFECT….Cherry, Neil and Max.

  6. Dear Taylor,

    I think of you and send healing and positive thoughts daily. My heart is with you and your family. Kit, I think of you always and am so relieved to hear that Taylor is sentled in Colorado. Please let me know if you need assistance with anything in Los Angeles.

  7. Welcome to Colorado! So glad you made it safely as today there is fresh snow on the ground (5-6 inches, but melting fast). Your 2nd cousin Joshua built a snowman, pine cone eyes, carrot nose, twigs for arms and small rocks for a button up vest. Also, 2 snow angels. One snow angel created while he was on his back and one with his body and face, facing down. We are so blessed to have you here in Colorado! Hope you are all comfortable and staying warm!

  8. I am glad to hear you are all safely arrived. Holding you close as you get used to your new surroundings, routines, and new caring people.

  9. So glad to hear you guys made the flight and journey okay. Sounds like it was a pretty smooth transition. I’m always amazed by how much progress she’s making steadily each day. Go Taylor!

  10. Glad the trip to Colorado went smoothly. I can see why Craig Hospital has such a sterling reputation: right away, they’re weaning Taylor off of her trach. Her progress in just a few weeks has been remarkable and it seems Craig will move Taylor along even more quickly than Mass General did. Prayers continue!

  11. Here is the prayer for traveling grace that I was too late to send- but the wishes still hold:

    “May the blessing of the Gatherer of Hope,
    the Bringer of Springtime,
    the Brightener of Seasons.
    be upon you as you set forth today.
    Laughter of the running hours be with you,
    and with the leave of lightness, may you come home in joy.”

    • Thank you for the prayer, Ellise. After John returned to LA to be with Nathan and I stayed in Boston to be with Taylor, Phoebe was able to come sit with Taylor for a few hours so that I could get a break. She was a BIG help! As for the paper cranes, some friends will be sending them to us at Craig so that Taylor can have them in her room. They are so beautiful!

  12. Such wonderful news! SOunds like y’all made the right decision and that Taylor is in the perfect place for her perfect healing. Thinking of all of you dail as my little crane flies – John, do you remember the hats you made for the lords in the Care-a-lot pledge show? I still use them and think of you and how delightful it was when y’all were in town. YOu are in my heart dear friends.


    • All I remember is that we had a great time working together to put on a show on Sunday morning. We had some great times and put on some great shows. Man I miss those days and miss you and the rest of the UU gang.

  13. Happy to hear you were able to sleep on the plane, Taylor. We are thinking about you know you’re doing a great job. Just keep improving at your pace and trust the people in Colorado, who are some of the best people in the world at this. We are proud of you and love you.

  14. So glad you have arrived safely and that Taylor is already doing so well at the new hospital! We already miss Taylor lots. It was really great to be able to stop by and see her all this time but we are so excited for this new step in her recovery! Taylor is doing so amazing! I can’t wait to read all the new updates. We are sending you all big big hugs!! v+j
    ps: Taylor is PERFECT 🙂

  15. Hi Taylor,

    I’ve been thinking of you – sending prayers and LOTS of positive thoughts! I hope your trip to Colorado went well and that you are getting settled and comfortable.

    Giant hug,

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