Today Taylor got a shower and afterwards a care giver carefully combed her hair and teased out a tangle. Do you want me to braid your hair? No. Do you want a pony tail? No. So we just left it loose.Taylor was curled on her side and looked more comfortable than she ever had.

Then came time to select the music. Incubus? No. Estella? No. The Lumineers? No. The Romones? Yes! After “Blitzkrieg Bop” started playing Taylor started smiling. Not a big obvious smile. Kind of a sneaky sly smile. Happy that she recognized some of her music. This was the third time she has been spotted smiling.

7 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Play for Two Door Cinema Club!
    I’m praying for you always and I love and miss you so much.

  2. Taylor, I am so happy to hear you are smiling! This makes my day. Listen to San Cisco 😀

  3. Play her some Two Door Cinema Club!

    Taylor, I’m wishing you the best every minute. So are the rest of your architecture friends from back home!

  4. Dear Taylor,
    We are sending you lots of smiles from Germany. Urs and Till are checking your website everyday and are happy that your are feeling better. See you in August! Urs, Till and Inge

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