Appointments and Making Plans

Hello, I know we have not been updating as often as we should, but Taylor’s recovery is not as dramatic as it was in the beginning, so there is less to report these days.  That does not mean that she has stopped recovering, however.  She continues to make little gains, which are usually not noticeable to those of us who see her everyday but is noticeable to those who only see her on a monthly basis.  For example, we recently had an appointment with her EP cardiologist who saw Taylor about 6 months ago.  He commented that her speaking had improved so much and he could see she was getting better.  Also, her ICD is functioning well and her heart has not shown any issues, even with the running (walk/run 2X around a track about once per week) that she has started doing.

We also recently had an appointment with a neuro-ophthalmologist.  He measured her field analysis, and it had improved 6 points compared to when it was checked last in October (3 months ago).  He said that he expects it to continue to improve, especially because she is young.  Although her eyesight has improved considerably since she first “woke up,” it is still not considered functional.  The physical anatomy of her eyes are completely normal, it is that her brain cannot make sense of what she sees, and the doctor says that this takes time to repair.

Next month, Taylor will start classes through a special brain injury program offered at Santa Monica Community College.  These classes will not likely be intellectually challenging for her (one is a counseling class, one is a technology adaptation class), but they will be good practice for going back to school (sitting in class, taking notes, etc.)  When these classes begin on Feb. 17, Taylor will only be going to CNS 2 days a week.  CNS has been great in helping Taylor get back to independence, but it will be good for Taylor to be back on a college campus in anticipation for returning to MIT.

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  1. Hi Taylor! Great updates! How was the first day of classes? Just wanted to say hi and that we are all always thinking about you! We have a lot of new students on the floor but people still seem to love the smoothies 🙂 Also this has been the worse winter in Boston in my entire time here, so you should be happy that you’re in California right now 😉 Miss you! Xoxo

  2. Hi Taylor ! So nice to read up on your progress : ) Sorry for not keeping in touch more often. Pansy and I say your running video over the Thanksgiving Holiday last year and WOW HOw AWESOMe IS That !!! You are truly inspiring ! I’m still working my 2 jobs and soon approaching another year old myself. I fear my age is catching up with me these days- harder to stay in touch and keep track of personal matters. None the less- Bad excuse for not coming out to visit with you. I’ll try to come out in March if you aren’t too busy with all your classes and we can have sushi again !
    Say HI to your mom and I’ll try to stay in better communication, forgive me.

    Love and Hugs,
    Cousin Nancy Pyo

  3. Hey Taylor,

    I think you’re amazing. Reading about your determination and unbelievable willpower gives me the strength to face my own problems and obstacles. I’ve had a micro fracture surgery to repair my knee, a surgery on my right shoulder, and have an upcoming surgery on my left shoulder. As I’ve been working my way back to health, I’ve always kept you in mind. I take an extra step for you. I do an extra repetition for you. Whenever I’m down, I like to read this blog and smile. Even though I haven’t been able to be very active in the past few years, I’ve loved every second of my life. I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I know you’ll come out on top. Thanks for being the indomitable person you are and for inspiring me to smile. I’ll see you at the top.

  4. Well Taylor, it seems that I am going back to school with you. I am taking an online class through Univ. of CO, Colo. Springs (UCCS). I would much prefer to be in the classroom, but alas, I can’t make it from the UK! There are already too many students in my online class, like 20, so I hope they will change the class a little because reading discussions from 20 people online and then responding, and responding to those responses could be VERY time-consuming. Aargh! I know you miss MIT. We are all very proud of you! You have made fantastic progress!

    Lots of love,
    Aunt Ying

  5. Hey, sometimes no news is good news.

    Rock on Taylor! Back to school is a big step, that’s friggin fantastic!

  6. Kit, thank you for this update! I hadn’t checked this site in a while and was delighted to read this post. Such good news that Taylor will be taking classes at Santa monica Community College. I continue to be impressed by her resolve and progress.

    All the best,
    Mimi McCaffrey

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