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  1. John, can’t believe it’ll be two years this Monday since Taylor’s sudden cardiac arrest. Her emergence from the persistent vegetative state was a miracle, as is the progress she’s made since then. I am so proud of her and thrilled for her, Nate, you, and Kit. God bless all of you and may God keep Taylor going.

  2. I originally sent this out as an email to a few friends and they have commented back via email. Here are their comments:

    I am so happy and excited for her. I love her resilience. – Leydy

    Wow! I loved that…! So thrilling…She’s so determined, it’s inspiring. – Marjorie

    Wow, just an amazing story and your daughter is an amazing, strong and positive human being! Thanks for sharing this. – Toby

    Absolutely miraculous,… Thanks so much for sharing that! With deep gratitude & excitement – Scott

    This is sooo cool…… – G

    Taylor still rocks. A talented young woman, great article – Jackie

    How cool! I think it is great and really important for other students at MIT to learn about her story so they know what she is dealing with.
    She really drives home the importance of CPR. Is she helping to raise CPR awareness and does MIT have classes for students?
    She might be able to make a real impact there. – Inge

    Thanks for sharing – Jamie

    I can’t believe that’s the girl I met at our office. She is a super star now. Great article… Very inspirational for all of us … that complain about bull shit day after day. – Barry

    That was an intense read. I hope she continues to grow and heal. – Shawn

    You have an amazing daughter. Thanks for sharing. – Beverly

    Amazing story. Taylor looks BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks for sharing! – E.

    This is brilliant, John. She is one sweet girl (woman, I should say) for sure, and I am certain Taylor will become more and more independent in the coming years. – Dawn

    I just read Taylor’s story. Very interesting. I need to learn more about CPR and get certified. An amazing young lady with a bright future ahead of her. I can only imagine what she will come up with. I would imagine she has some of her dad’s entrepreneurial spirit along with the genius of her mom. … She is a very inspiring person. I am glad to hear about her progress and the amazing strides she is making in her life. … – John

    … awesome – Alan

    Truly amazing. We have been showing this article … to everyone who will listen.
    It is because of the teachings from you and Kit that you instilled in that precious little girl, to never give up and to be wherever you want to be, that she pulled off this miracle. She was always one in a million, truly. – Pamela

    holy smokes, John, thank you for sharing this, this blew me away. it’s great to see her! i like the part where she says “my dad doesn’t agree with this…” there’s a lot behind that!!! 🙂 -Matt

    Did someone say wow? Wow. The article is a great thing for her. Courageous. It may make it easier for her in the MIT environment since it candidly shares her experience with everyone. … – Greg

    … I am so moved by her courage. – Scott

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