UNIQLO legging pants

You may or may not know this, but fine motor skills are difficult for me. I have difficulty with buttons and zippers. This means that I can’t wear a lot of different types of clothing. One thing that I have trouble with is regular pants, like jeans. I can only really wear pants with elastic waistbands, such as sweatpants. Obviously, this limits wardrobe– Or so I thought.

UNIQLOIs a clothing brand, kind of like Forever 21.UNIQLO has a whole selection of  leggings that look like regular pants, but that actually have no zipper and a fake button. They called them legging pants. The selection includes jeggings, in a variety of colors, but also corduroys, among other types. The store also has work pants with an elastic waistband.

So basically, UNIQLO sells fake pants that look like real pants. I buy most of my pants from UNIQLO. I recommend them if you have the same motor difficulties that I do, But still want to wear regular looking pants.


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