Calming of the Storm

Yesterday and today, Taylor has been doing a lot more sleeping. Her waking, rapid heart rate/breathing (Cheyne-Stokes), muscle stiffening episodes (also called “storming” we have learned) are less frequent and less severe. We have learned that storming is part of the recovery process in many (but not all) brain injury patients, as the nervous system compensates for the injury and finds its new equilibrium. It is really nice to see her sleeping peacefully compared to the earlier days when she was struggling to tolerate the tubes through her nose and mouth.

2 thoughts on “Calming of the Storm

  1. Dear Kit,
    Sending you, Taylor and the whole Family, all positive thoughts and prayers!
    Be strong and take care of yourself, your perfect Girl needs you 🙂

  2. May Taylor have a good night’s sleep and may she continue to rest and to heal.

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