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This Website is for describing Taylor’s day to day positive news regarding her recovery from her fainting incident on February 22, 2014. Since that day Taylor has received the best possible care in the world and has continually been surrounded by friends, family and the super caring staff at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has received a lot of love from everyone.

In addition, she has the positive thoughts and love of her extended friends and family at MIT and across the country. Let’s keep these positive thoughts going with this website. Feel free to post your thoughts to the page.

8 thoughts on “Site Launched!

  1. Dear Taylor, my L.A. chauffeur,

    I heard through the family grapevine that you were a little under the weather….Bloody weather! Don’t let it get you down. The sun will shine again. Remember that you are absolutely perfect in every way. There is so much love around you at all times, all you need to do is accept it; and accept that something good is manifesting for Taylor Shaw right now.

    Love always,
    Uncle Erick.

  2. As a friend of Edward Shaw’s, I got to know John Shaw, through whom I got to know Kit, Taylor, and Nate. I babysat Taylor and Nate many times and was fond of both of them. I remember Taylor well as a little sweetheart and wasn’t surprised when I heard she’d turned out to be smart enough for MIT! I am going to pray to St. Therese of Lisieux, who always comes through, that Taylor make a full and quick recovery. In the meantime, God Bless Taylor!

  3. Your Dad always calls me SUPER G…………but you precious niece of mine are SUPER TAY TAY and you really can do anything!! I can still remember the day i first saw you when you were a baby…….you were here in Houston, sitting up in the middle of your Grandma’s couch/hide-a-bed and you took my breathe away………i to this day cannot explain it but looking at you made me feel like “Wow I want to have a special little gift in my life too”……..there was something so special in your eyes that every time i see you i still “see IT” and although i have never told anyone this story except your Grandma………..throughout the years every time i have seen you i just look into your eyes and I am transported back to that magical moment.

    Hey these are some funny things:

    When i was driving all you kids around in LA really poorly and you didnt know i was tricking you all and cars were honking and yelling at us & you told your Dad “i am NEVER riding with Aunt Georganne in a car again!! ”

    Your Dad always complaining about buying cookies and yet we always had to HIDE them from him or he would eat every last one!!

    SUMO WRESTLER!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Geisha Girl pool hair-do

    That time Zoie threw up McDonald’s in your Dad’s SUV on the way to Big Bear or Bid Sur?? (he was so mad 🙂

    and my favorite picture of all times is when Zoie wanted to ride the roller coaster with you and she had never ridden one before and she wanted to sit in the very 1st car and YOU warned her it was the scariest car to be in and she insisted (yes you know she is stubborn) soooo………. as we came down and the camera snapped the pic both of ya’lls hair was straight up in the air like Marge Simpson and Zoie had utter TERROR on her face and you were the protective older cousin holding onto her………i must find that pic and send you a copy you will laugh your head off….

    So much love is enveloping you right now………

    xoxoxox Aunt Georganne 🙂

  4. Hello, my precious, sweet girl. I don’t know why you are having this physical/medical adventure, but I have steadfastly accepted that only something wonderful will come out of it for Taylor and all those connected. The next time we meet we can talk all about it. I know you can feel all the love surrounding you. What a nice thing for that hospital to benefit from all the influx of extra love. Hey, maybe that’s why you had to be there at this time. I’m sure you will sort it all out. While your dad and mom read to you all these expressions of love and well wishes from those who know you, I will picture you fully aware and basking in love and energy and ready to don your ‘super girl’ cloak again. Just know that grandmother loves you and supports you in all your wishes. Bye.

  5. Sending you all of our love and good thoughts for Taylor. When Margaret was in the hospital long ago, someone gave us cranes they had made for her healing. We still have these and will send them on (along with some new ones) to share the good thoughts we will keep in our hearts for Taylor. Love, Valerie, Geoff, Margaret & Thomas

  6. Kit, John, and Nathan,

    You are perfect. I can’t say that anyone knows what you are going through, but as you know my family has experienced a similar event. The overwhelming love you have for Taylor is more evident now than perhaps it has ever been and your whole being will be focused on her for the foreseeable future, but I need you to know that you are perfect, loved, and never alone. Repeat that to yourselves as much as you tell Taylor. You are perfect, loved, and never alone.

    Launching this website is a wonderful step. For the next few days, weeks, and months you will be flooded with love, positive thoughts, and offers for help. Take the help when you can. It may be difficult at first, but even the little things are big now. Let people bring you food, cozy clothes, blankets, books, and anything else they wish. Let them pamper you, you deserve it. You deserve love, attention, and care just as much as your perfect Taylor. Taylor has you and the amazing medical staff for support (get to know and love your nurses, they are goddesses and gods), your friends and family are your amazing support system, let them take care of you as well as you take care of Taylor.

    Kit and John, you are perfect. There are a lot of tough decisions coming up and you are going to make the right decision every step of the way. I know this because I know how much you love Taylor and that you have done and will do only do what is best for her. Never question that. You are perfect.

    Nathan, I haven’t seen you since you were very young. You may not even remember me, but I am always here for you. My sister, Devin, went through a similar experience as Taylor’s. She is my big sister, just like Taylor is yours and always will be. I was 12 when it happened, I know you are now older than that and because of it your experience will be much different than mine, but please never hesitate to contact me for anything. You are not alone. You are perfect.

    If you three need anything, please let me know. Nothing is too much to ask for. Don’t hesitate to contact me day or night, tomorrow or ten years from now. I’m here.

    Taylor is perfect and so are you.

    Cheyna Brower

  7. We wanted to let you know that we’re thinking of you and sending you tons of positive thoughts and love.

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