Anoxic Brain Injury (ABI)

Taylor experienced Anoxic Brain Injury (ABI), which means her brain was injured by lack of blood flow to her brain. This kind of injury can happen as soon as four minutes after blood stops flowing.

According to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) report, an ambulance team arrived 6 minutes after dispatch where Taylor was unconscious with no pulse. EMS technicians applied a combination of defibrillator shocks and CPR to revive her. CPR would have caused some blood flow. They were successful after about 15 minutes.

In Taylor’s case, MRI results showed ABI in patches throughout the brain. The effect of this damage on her consciousness is not known. What is known is that she is not showing any outward signs of consciousness at this time. It is not known if the damage will heal. However, it has been predicted by one neurologist as not likely.

Since there is no therapeutic treatment for this condition, avenues for recovery are giving the body time to heal itself and medical research. Medical research into brain cell regeneration (neurogenesis) is an active field with many current studies taking place.

New Journey

Today (2/27/2014) we got the MRI results. These results were conclusive and clearly laid out the road ahead. Taylor needs to build a new life and we will build it with her. It’s like the first day she was born. She is fragile and beautiful in a whole new way. As we prepare to care for her, possibly for the rest of her life, we look forward to the new ways we will form to love her and get love back from her.

Eyes First Opened, MRI Tonight

Today (2-26-2014):
Taylor had a great day today. After her neurology exam, she stayed off the breathing machine for 2 1/2 hours. Towards the end of that time, she briefly opened her eyes. She blinked once and opened her eyes for a few moments more. This happened during her second ‘waking event’ where she seemed to suddenly become aware of her surroundings. At the end of the night she was being taken away for her MRI exam.

Yesterday (2-25-2014):
Taylor came off the breathing machine for about an hour when she had her first ‘waking event’ where she seemed to become aware of her surroundings. She coughed a bit then shed a tear, which is a good sign. Then, when her heart rate went up, she brought it back down slowly after her dad was asked her to calm down. She then stayed off the breathing machine for another hour.

Site Launched!

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This Website is for describing Taylor’s day to day positive news regarding her recovery from her fainting incident on February 22, 2014. Since that day Taylor has received the best possible care in the world and has continually been surrounded by friends, family and the super caring staff at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has received a lot of love from everyone.

In addition, she has the positive thoughts and love of her extended friends and family at MIT and across the country. Let’s keep these positive thoughts going with this website. Feel free to post your thoughts to the page.