Taylor Graduates From MIT!!!

On June 4th 2021 Taylor graduated from MIT with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Molecular Biology. She would have graduated a year earlier if it wasn’t for one class that needed to be scheduled right. So it was a long road for her and it is a testament to her determination that she was able to finish.

Classes in MIT are hard. In one class (Thermodynamics) I suggested Taylor get a tutor and went looking for one. An assistant professor who taught the same subject for another large college in the area responded. When he found out the job was for an MIT class he asked for the syllabus. After looking it over he called and told me that it contained material he wasn’t sure he understood and didn’t feel qualified to explain, even as a tutor. So, yeah, MIT classes are hard. They didn’t make the classes any easier for Taylor. She had to tough it out like any other student. She persevered to finish all the classes she needed and than some.

Taylor’s accomplishment should serve as an inspiration to any others suffering from the effect of similar brain trauma. Congratulations Taylor!