Clever cracker

I haven’t posted in a a while (more than three months) and for that I’m sorry. Today is pi day (3/14). This is the day when MIT announces it application decisions. Congratulations to all of the prefrosh!


Speaking of pies, you may, or may not, know this, but I enjoy baking. I baked a lot in high school – I even kept a baking blog (please do not try to find it). Since being home, I have started baking again. However, baking is not always easy with my limited fine motor coordination. That’s why I love this simple device that allow med to crack  eggs with one hand. It’s called the “clever cracker” and my dad found it at the dollar store many years ago. (He actually bought it as a gag gift.)  Whatever the reason, I’m glad I have it now. It’s an extremely useful tool for me in the kitchen.