Tasting Food

Aside from her usual physical, occupational, and speech therapy classes today, Taylor got to eat real food. Despite that it was all puréed because she still has to practice chewing, she still enjoyed the experience. The speech therapist, who was helping Taylor with the “food” therapy, asked her what kind of soda pop she wanted. Taylor chose Dr. Pepper. You could tell from the look on her face that she really enjoyed that first sip of Dr. Pepper! Then she had small spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and gravy and puréed chicken and gravy. She still has to work on building the muscles in her mouth and controlling her tongue from not using them for over a month, but the speech therapist thought that Taylor did just fine. At night, prior to retiring for the night, Taylor had to pick her food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) from the hospital menu for the next 8 days. I got tired reading her all the options from the menu for all of those days, but when I asked her if she wanted to stop picking, so said, “no!” She wanted to keep going and choose for every single day! I think she as is excited as we are that she is eating again.

5 thoughts on “Tasting Food

  1. Hello Taylor aka First Cousin, Once Removed 🙂

    You are AMAZING!!! Our positive thoughts and continued prayers for health and healing. Do you enjoy Ghirardelli chocolate? Do you like Dark chocolate? Milk Chocolate? Do you like Chocolate Mousse? I hope to be able to come visit and see you soon. -Pansy

  2. I’ve never had a Dr Pepper, but I’m going to get one tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendation Taylor, Cheers!

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