6 Days

I (Kit) have been away from Taylor for 6 days. The progress that Taylor has made in just 6 days is amazing. The biggest change for me is her wakefulness and her ability to speak words now that her trach has been capped.  The whole time I was with her today (afternoon and evening), she was awake and aware. Her voice is still very soft and her words airy and slurred, but she’s getting there! She asked about her brother and when he was arriving (he’ll be visiting next week over his Spring break), and she wanted me to read from this website. She smiled every time I read a comment from someone she knew. She also got to order soft foods from the hospital menu for the very first time because she has advanced enough to start on solid foods. Tomorrow, she has about 3 hours of therapy. She finally fell asleep at around 9pm.

16 thoughts on “6 Days

  1. Yes! Wow…is all I can say! We look forward to see you when you get back to LA.

  2. Kit, I am so happy to hear of Taylor’s progress!! i am so glad that she is doing so well in Colorado. Here’s hoping for continued good news!

  3. We are so excited to hear all your amazing updates. Love to all of you!
    Sandy, Rob, Garrett, David, and Mackenzie

  4. Taylor!! I am so proud of all your progress. I’m so bummed that I wasn’t able to Skype in with Rachel and Kyra the other day but I’ll text your parents to set up another session. I will hopefully get to see you soon because I’m making moves to both Colorado and California at the end of May. The Outsidelands Line-up just came out and it looks so good! We might not make it this year but I’m setting my sights on 2015. Also La Verdes and Anna’s called me to say that they are going out of business without you. I love you so much and you are in my thoughts constantly. Keep of the good work!

  5. It is wonderful to hear about your progress, Taylor. We are rooting for you!

  6. Hey Taylor,

    Its really great to see your making massive steps forward in your recovery, all of us from the ServiceNow team that met you at MIT have you in our thoughts daily.

  7. Kit, I see the hand of God in the progress Taylor has made. Taylor, I pray for you every day and I love reading your parents’ posts about you.

    All the best,
    Mimi McCaffrey (your old babysitter)

  8. Taylor! I love reading about your progress and how much you’re kicking butt 🙂 All of Maseeh 1 North East misses you, from your late night burrito runs to the music you play in the showers. Whenever we see updates, we always go around asking if we’ve all read the new post about how amazing your recovery has been.

    Love you!

  9. Taylor I know I’ve posted this a bunch of times already but I am so proud of you! You are amazing and you inspire me so much. I love you tons and am so happy to hear about all the wonderful things that you are doing. I am also happy you are starting to eat solid foods now!! Does this mean I can start mailing food care packages with chocolate??

    • Hi Yiping,
      I read Taylor your comment about the care package. She smiled really big and said, “yes!”

      • Hi Ms. Shaw!

        Thank you so much for you message!! I’m putting finishing touches on her care package, but I have a question: what is Taylor’s favorite type of chocolate (white, milk, or dark)?

  10. Hey T-bone! It’s great to hear you’re improving so much. I am not surprised, because you’ve always been such a star. We love you are proud of you.

  11. Wow! Good bless you and your family and your medical team! You are an amazing young woman.
    With love,
    Donna McPartlan
    (Justine’s mom)

  12. Woah wooh Taylor! I am so proud of you, miss you tons <3 keep up the perfect healing!

  13. Hi Taylor,
    Great work! What a nice way for your mom to be welcomed back to Colorado. I am sure nothing could have been better than spending the day chatting with you. We are all pulling for you and for your continued perfect recovery! Denise…Marc, Nick and Mike.

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