Tentative Discharge Date From Craig

Today we had a “big” meeting to discuss Taylor’s rehab assessment. It included all the people on Taylor’s care team here at Craig Hospital. Nathan, Taylor’s brother, who is here to visit for the first time since Boston, was very impressed and noted that “there were nine professionals in the room who knew everything about Taylor.” Among the things discussed was that Taylor is hard to predict, as she keeps getting better so quickly. Another item from the meeting was her tentative discharge date of June 18th. This is not the date that her rehab will be complete, just the date that her help from Craig will be complete. After that, the plan is to be taken back to Los Angeles to participate in out-patient rehab.

After fun visits from an aunt, uncle, two cousins, and their families, Taylor settled down for some “bro time” where just she and Nathan chatted and caught up with each other’s news first-hand.


2 thoughts on “Tentative Discharge Date From Craig

  1. Exciting that you have a preliminary date for your discharge and return to LA! I’m wowed and inspired by your progress every day when I read this blog. Thank you, Kit and John, for sharing Taylor’s journey with us.

  2. With two more months at Craig Hospital to go, Taylor surely will be in great shape by the time she heads to Los Angeles for outpatient rehab. Her progress is dazzling.

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