After some friends of Taylor learned that her air ambulance from Boston to Denver was not covered by insurance, (it was a mad dash to pull together the considerable unexpected cost and pay for it that morning) many of you suggested we start a fund to collect for just these kind of expenses. We initially resisted out of stubbornness but a family friend, Alison Glen, took matters into her own hands and generously set up an online account to accept donations for Taylor at the following web address:

Any funds collected will be put toward expenses not covered by insurance to help her development. Examples may include equipment and expenses used to setup a home for Taylor in Los Angeles after rehab. Any help you give is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Hi John/Kit,
    I want to update the photo of the go fund page and send out another blast. I’m ‘babysitting’ it while Alison is off flitting around the world:)The generosity of everyone has been wonderful and shows how much you all mean to your friends and acquaintances. If you can send one via email or text that would be great (John has my number).

  2. Hello taylor, a longtime ago when I had just turned 16 Dr’s told my parents I would lose the use of my left arm and hand. Indeed the nerves had been as terribly damaged as they could have been from the pellets of the shot gun. My arm and hand were still attached to my body but they just flopped around limp. It was nine months before I could see an almost imperceptible wiggle in my thumb. A year and a half later I was in basic training in the army and two years later I was flying around in helicopters. I would never pilot a helicopter but my dream of flying in them came true. A lot of sweat and tears, physical and occupational therapy were involved. I’ve learned to adapt. Today I play the guitar left handed and am grateful for what I have. I know you’re going to succeed Taylor. Best wishes.

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