A Whole Avocado

One of Taylor’s favorite foods is avocados. Now that Taylor can eat mashed up food, she can eat smashed avocado! Last night, Kit’s cousin, Pansy, brought over 2 beautiful avocados. Today, we surprised Taylor at lunch with 1/2 of one avocado that had been mashed with a fork. She ate it all! (She did say, however, that it needed lemon.) This is saying a lot because Taylor is not digging the mashed potatoes or cream of whatever soup she has been getting. For dinner, she ate the other avocado half easily, especially because we found some lemon to go with it.  This was a nice treat that brought some California home to her.  Tomorrow, she will eat the other avocado 🙂

Therapy-wise, Taylor went to her usual physical, occupational, and speech therapy classes. She got a smaller wheelchair today because the staff did not like how she sat in the other chair, and she got custom fitted for a new splint on her left hand. In speech therapy, the therapist gave her some small pieces of cracker to eat, and tomorrow, Taylor can start to try to eat more solid foods that soften easily with liquids.

We have finished listening to “The Hunger Games” and are now listening to the next book, “Catching Fire.”


7 thoughts on “A Whole Avocado

  1. It’s awesome that you can eat one of your favorite foods! Avocados are also one of my favorite vegetables. I have no doubt that you will achieve many great things in whatever you desire to chase after. Your a awesome person Taylor!!!

  2. Dear Taylor,

    We only knew each other briefly last year, but I so appreciated your help making the fantastic props for Prototype. It’s been so great to read these updates on your recovery and how well you’re doing. I hope you enjoy Catching Fire, it’s probably my favorite book out of the trilogy!

    Love and hugs,
    Sarah Coe

  3. Taylor we love you and are so proud!!! My favorite part was your request for lemon. I’m the same way with avocados, you know?

  4. Delighted to hear Taylor is making such great progress! We’re all pulling for you here, Taylor, and send our best. Just completed CPW this weekend and had the first ‘burning of the phoenix’ in the BBQ in the courtyard – a pretty makeshift construction, but a good first effort. Trees are budding, the weather has turned cold after a warm weekend, and we’re getting ready for Easter and the Marathon on Monday. Spring is so welcome after such a cold and snowy Winter. Bye for now!

  5. Does Taylor like rice pudding? Rice pudding with raisins is delicious; maybe she can have some for dessert soon.

  6. Tell Taylor I’m judging her because avocados are disgusting.

    (But actually I love her despite her affinity for them.)

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