Pancakes and Sushi

Taylor is eating more solid food. This morning, she had almost one whole large pancake (with butter and maple syrup, of course). Lunch was a small dish of creamed soup and 1/2 an avocado (with lemon, of course), and at dinner, Kit’s cousin Pansy and her son, Joshua, treated us to some take-out sushi. Taylor ate a whole serving of miso soup, one piece of albacore sushi with rice, and 1/2 avocado with lemon. Her dietician has decreased her PEG tube feeds in an effort to stimulate her appetite, and it’s working!

On another note, Taylor’s speech therapist said that Taylor has already exceeded the goal she set for Taylor when she first arrived at Craig – talking.  So now new goals have to be made. This is all good!

8 thoughts on “Pancakes and Sushi

  1. Taylor,
    I can’t believe it took almost two months for me to hear about what happened.
    It’s been almost two years since we have last seen each other and I know we were never that close, but when I heard about what happened to you my mind was suddenly flooded with so many memories that I just had to share and write something to you.
    I hope that you still remember me: I was the Israeli guy with the motorcycle and the always-on blue-white riding jacket. We shared periods 3 and 4 everyday in senior year at BHHS. Period 3 (which was actually the first period for me everyday…) was Calculus BC with Ms. Wortman (do you remember how I was late for class almost every single day despite the fact that I had a motorcycle, and the look that she gave me whenever I walked into class a few minutes after it had already begun?… 🙂 ). Then we shared period 4 where we studied AP English Literature with Ms. Bader.
    I remember the day when you informed us during one of our Calculus periods that you were admitted into MIT. I was so happy and proud of you. MIT has always been my dream school too and when I heard that one of my classmates had gotten in it really motivated me.
    After we graduated from beverly I left the US as I had told I was going to do and went back to Israel to join the Israeli army (the IDF). It was really important to me to give back and serve the country where I grew up. Today I’m currently serving in navy intelligence.
    You knew about my intentions to apply to MIT after my army service, and you have always believed in me and told me that you thought I really have a chance of getting there one day.
    I can still remember the last thing that you said to me on graduation day on that sunny day in June 2012, when I saw you for the last time before we got separated and I went back to Israel: “See you in Boston, Adam!”

    I hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to meet you there, as a friend or maybe even as a fellow classmate once again.

    My thoughts and prayers are always with you Taylor,
    Yours sincerely,

    Adam Botach
    Jerusalem, Israel

    Taylor is PERFECT

    • Hi Adam, I read Taylor your story, and of course she remembers you (she got a big smile on her face)! Thanks for writing and letting her know how she affected your life. I also hope that both of you will see each other in Boston!

  2. Hi Taylor ,Kit,John and Nathan.
    Thank you for this wonderful food sharing news ( now you made me hungry 🙂
    I like avocados to.
    Love you and thinking of you guys,Happy Easter!!!!
    Hugs and Kisses to all of you.//Dalia

  3. All those foods sound yummy! Justine loves avocado and sushi! Enjoy 🙂

  4. Hahaha Taylor you are awesome! I was just joking with someone last night that Taylor is going to go on to eating sushi by next week at this rate! You are just beating everyone’s expectations Tmoney. 🙂 Sending you loads of love and may more pieces of sushi be in your near future!

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