Tracheostomy Removed

Taylor had her Tracheostomy (breathing tube) removed today. It took about one second and was uneventful, but it’s one tube removed closer to getting back to normal. She has to lay off the talking for a while to give her dressing a chance to stay in place while her skin heals. She still manages to let me know what she needs with abbreviated sentences. For instance, as I was leaning over her asking what she wanted to tell me she said, “Bad breath.”

Yesterday, Taylor’s Uncle Hung, Aunt Erika, and their children came to visit. After eating dinner with them, Aunt Erika fixed her hair while the guys were dispatched to get something called “hair detangler.” After they left, Taylor’s Aunt Pansy came over to help put Taylor to bed. At one point, I was massaging her shoulder, Pansy was massaging her legs, and the nurse was fixing her pillows. Although this was all happening because she was pretty uncomfortable with muscle irritation, I told Taylor this must be what it was like for Cleopatra. She responded by saying, “Itch my nose,” which got a good laugh all around. She eventually got to sleep and slept all night.

This morning in physical therapy, she did a bunch of neck exercises and was stood up on her knees. It was a real workout, and you could see her straining, but she also really appreciated it. Later while napping, she woke up suddenly, perhaps from a dream, and started saying, “I want to move!  I want to move!” At first I didn’t know what she meant. Through questioning, she explained that she wants to control her body. We did some arm exercises. She is one motivated student and really giving it her all.

Tonight she was going to “sleep” smiling and laughing while listening to the book “America Again” by Stephen Colbert.


9 thoughts on “Tracheostomy Removed

  1. I love reading your daily updates and outstanding improvements. Taylor I am sure you know you are blessed to have such awesome parents who have been by your side since day one, together you will get there and slowly but surely be back to your old self. Today your father’s read made me teary eyed, in a good way. Can’t wait to whip you at poker at the Glens, in their new house!
    P.S. We never laughed at your dad’s jokes at the running club, I know you are just being kind 🙂 lol xx

  2. Please tell Taylor that I also laughed at her dad’s joke while we worked together. I have a perfect sense of humor so this is a great sign 😉

    But really, I’m so happy to hear you all are joking around. Thinking about your family and just thrilled to read about the improvements. Taylor you are inspirational!

  3. A good friend of mine’s daughter had a trach from the time she was born until she was eighteen months. When the trach was removed, it definitely was a big deal. My point is that Taylor has hit a major milestone. The girl is unstoppable!

  4. Go Taylor Go!!! You and your progress are extraordinary! I’m cheering every milestone and victory. I look forward to reading the posts each day 🙂 You’re truly a superstar! As well as perfect!

  5. Every post I read is progress, Taylor you are one truly motivated young woman. It is simply awesome to hear about how you are recovering. The determination you show is an example to everyone that you just need to keep pushing and to never give up

    Taylor IS Perfect

  6. Happy to get this good news about another milestone in your recovery, Taylor. I’m in awe of your strength and drive.

  7. What wonderful news with which to begin a dreary Alabama day! Taylor is a mighty girl!

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