Spring in Colorado

Yesterday and today, we received a Spring snowfall in Colorado!  It was beautiful how the snow fell and clung to the trees, making everything white.  The snow and cold-ish weather meant that Taylor could not go outside to the gardens and enjoy the sunshine, but now that she has her life vest (defibrilator vest), she has been able to go to the apartment to have meals with us (John and Kit).  The meals away from the hospital have been really nice because it makes it feel less like a hospital stay and more like home and normal life.

Taylor’s physical and occupational therapists have also given us a number of exercises that Taylor is suppose to practice outside of her regular sessions.  We do these exercises on a mat table (a large table with a gym mat top surface, which sits low to the ground) during off hours (weekends and after 6pm weekdays) in the Therapy Gym.  Surprisingly, we have all enjoyed these sessions.  Taylor likes being able to lie on a flat surface, roll around, and move her arms and legs wherever she wants, since she is usually confined to either her hospital bed or wheelchair.  We enjoy spending this “playtime” with Taylor and bonding with her.  We are getting to know and love Taylor on a whole new level.  In return, Taylor, who prior to her accident was fiercely independent, has been very appreciative (see May 7 “Conscientious” post) of us being there/taking care of her and shows us with her affection.

8 thoughts on “Spring in Colorado

  1. A change in weather can always have an affect on moods, emotions and temperaments. I’m glad that you’re embracing the snow and cool weather and finding ways to continually enjoy each others company. It’s also wonderful to hear that Taylor is getting stronger and enjoying her therapy and ‘homework’. She has always been such a dedicated student. We are always thinking of you all

  2. Hi Taylor,

    I was just thinking of you. I hope you’re having a great day. I also hope it’s a little less frustrating now that you can go outside with some regularity.

    A few days ago, Jordan and I went for a walk. I saw a lot of dogs and families. Some people were playing soccer in the fields. It was really green for the first time. I thought of you and was happy that you are able to see the beautiful state of Colorado. I was also thinking about how great it will be whenever you end up back in SoCal. I mean, the avocados are amazing.

    Anyway have a great day. You’re on our minds here. We’re proud of you and love you!

  3. Hard to imagine snow when it is so warm in California right now! Sending good thoughts your way.

  4. It is sweet to hear about family time and Taylor’s ability to appreciate.

  5. Emotional ditto. So pleased to hear about Taylor’s outdoor adventures and the exciting mix of spring and snow. Were the flowers peeking out of the snow cover?
    Kit, John and Taylor, we are so thrilled to hear of all of Taylor’s hard work, positive attitude and incredible progress. We always knew she was perfect!

  6. Wow — snow in May! But it’s so good to hear that the life vest gives Taylor more freedom to go to the apartment (or outside when it’s not freezing!) I look forward to checking your blog and finding out how the day is going. Thanks for sharing the little and big things that make such a difference in Taylor’s recovery. Sending you love and good thoughts although it sounds like you have plenty there already :- )

  7. What a lovely post, Kit. Thank you for keeping us all updated on Taylor’s progress. You are all working so hard!

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