A few days ago in physical therapy, Taylor’s PTs stood her up. Afterwards, her PT said, “What do you want to do next?” and Taylor said, “Bring on the walker!” She has said this before, as she is adamant about getting back on her feet, but each time prior, Taylor was told that she was not ready. However, on that day, they decided to give it a try, and Taylor walked using the assistance of a special walking machine and her PT. This was on my birthday, and it was the best present ever!

If anyone is having trouble seeing the video please let me know. This is a first attempt to add video to this website, and I want to make sure everyone can see it. (A big “thank you” goes to Kit’s cousin, Pansy, for shooting this particular video with her phone).  Hopefully, there should be more videos of Taylor to come.

In addition to walking, she and I play catch with a ball now. Every day she is doing more and more, and it is exciting to see her develop each day.

Magnesium Update: Her levels are still low, and we are working with different types of pills that are easier to keep down. Yesterday, she was able to keep down two slow-acting magnesium tablets without feeling queasy by taking them with meals and just before going to sleep.

24 thoughts on “Walking!

  1. Wow, Taylor you are so great! It is amazing that you are doing so well, very proud of you.

  2. Hi Taylor I have a bone to pick with you – you told me there are no cute boys there yet there is clearly one in that video!! Maybe Justine and I will come visit while you’re still at Craig instead of waiting till you’re home in LA… hehehe love you!

  3. Hello from a fellow BHHS and MIT alum! Love the shirt btw, go Normans!

    I’m amazed by this blog and your story, and I wish you the best in your continuing recovery!


  4. This is wonderful! I’m so happy to see this video and to see you smile. I hope there will be more videos soon. I’m blown away with how much you’ve accomplished in only the 3 short months since your cardiac arrest. I have read elsewhere that you still sometimes (and understandably) feel down about your circumstances, but please keep in mind just how much you’ve done in such a short period. I’m so proud of you. I think things will only keep getting better and brighter. I think of you every day and always keep you in my prayers. Maybe it sounds corny and I know we don’t know each other well, but I like to think to myself that I am mentally holding your hand (as are many others) the whole way. You have whatever thoughts and prayers (hand holds and anything else) I can give you.


  5. This is incredible Taylor!! You are incredible!! Sending all my love and warm thoughts your way tay-bay-bay.

  6. You are amazing Taylor. I don’t know what else to say. You are so strong and determined and a huge role model for me. You are one of the most incredible people i have had the chance to get to know. We all love you so much and are cheering you on everyday! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible video.

  7. Wow, wow, wow! Video came through perfectly! Wonderful to see.
    Sending lots of love and great thoughts to Taylor. Keep going!! Happy Birthday to John, too!
    Love from Nell & girls.

  8. So awesome! First try on the walker and you’re already more stable than your dad is after 2 beers. Can’t wait to see the next video!

  9. So so so proud of you Taylor!!! Everyone in M1NE is so proud of you too and we love you so much <3

  10. Wow Taylor, this is so amazing! Everything you do is so incredibly inspiring. Can’t wait to see you soon! By the way, love the shirt, it brings back so many memories 🙂

  11. Fantastic Taylor!!! You continue to “surprise and delight” every day! And you look absolutely marvelous on video! 🙂 This is truly a happy day! Power on!!!!!

  12. It is so wonderful to see and hear about Taylor’s progress. You are all doing a fantastic job. Looking forward to seeing many more video’s

  13. Beautiful! “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and Taylor, being an overachiever, began her journey with fifty steps! I loved the bit at the end, when someone off-camera said, “Look up here” and Taylor turned and raised her head…

  14. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Taylor, you are well on your way! Great to see you up and walking.

  15. Way to go Taylor! How exciting! Sending lots of love from Venice (also from Findi & Mitzi). See you next week.

  16. What a beautiful sight! It brought tears to my eyes. Way to go Taylor!

  17. YEAH!! This is so exciting. Taylor, you look awesome on your feet. John, happy birthday. BTW, video worked great.

  18. Wow! Such perfect news! And good to get a glimpse of you,too John- been way too long my friend! My little blue crane will fly a little higher today!

  19. Wow, this video is amazing! Taylor is amazing and looks like she’s on her way to walking perfectly again. Taylor is perfect!

    Love you Taylor!!

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