Taylor’s vision is developing but in perplexing ways. She describes her vision as “looking through a window in the rain” in that the image is constantly moving and distorting as rain drops keep falling on the glass. She also describes her images as cracked so that if we ask her to look at a flagpole or line on the wall, she describes it as cracked or broken up in a few places.

Lines and Letters

When looking at a series of letters, she only sees part of them. For instance, when I show her a letter “P” she says she can see a curve but not a straight line. I asked her, “How can you see the curve but not the line?” She answered, “If I could see the whole thing, you wouldn’t be asking me these questions.” When I show her a letter “A” or “V” she knows it is one of these letters because she sees the triangle in each but cannot tell them apart, despite the fact that the triangle outline of each is inverted. When she sees a letter “E” she sees horizontal lines but no vertical line. When looking at a letter “H,” she sees vertical lines but no horizontal line. When looking at a computer screen in a dark room, when a line is shown, she can identify if it is strait or curved. If it is strait, she can identify if it is horizontal or vertical. If she is shown two lines she will report seeing three or four.


Taylor has always been able to detect colors. Using 8″x11″ pieces of colored paper, she can identify the color at up to 100 yards away and probably farther (we ran out of space). However, when walking back to where Taylor was from 100 yards away, she couldn’t identify me as a walking person until I was 20 feet away.


Every now and then Taylor will surprise us by recognizing something that clearly takes better vision skills than she normally exhibits. For instance, she recognized that I needed a hair cut. This was true but not “that” true, so she must have caught a glimpse of something.  This happens from time to time out of the blue. When it does, it is a pleasant surprise.

6 thoughts on “Vision

  1. I have been praying hard that Taylor’s vision be 100% restored and I’ll keep praying for that.

  2. 5/28/14

    Hi, Taylor, John, and Kit,

    This is to let you know I left a msg on the previous Taylor blog – about her having an implant soon. Just in case, you would not read that there because it is for an earlier blog, I am telling you about it here. Check it out there. OK?

    Again, Good Luck, Taylor! And Good Luck with your implant! Know we all love you!


    Will Bessler & Nancy Shaw

    ps. If for some reason, my earlier reply has been lost, call Nancy at 307-742-7428 and ask her about it. OK? Will

  3. This might be a dumb question but she’s wearing her glasses through all this, right? Because they might make a difference lol.

  4. The haircut thing made me laugh. Way to go, Taylor. Keep his fashion sense straight!

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