Taylor got to spend some time with her bud, Leilah, who she has known since third grade. Also, her brother Nathan and his girlfriend Arielle were here visiting so Taylor finally got to spend some time with people her own age. Here are some pictures:

Gnomes made by Taylor and Leilah in Therapeutic Recreation

Leilah, Nathan, Arielle and Taylor in the new family suite room

Taylor and Leilah sitting on the couch. This was the first time Taylor was not in a hospital bed or her wheelchair since first entering the hospital. She managed great but occasionally she would say “I’m falling” and would need to be put upright again.

New Room

Taylor got a new room at Craig. It is called a Family Suite and includes a section with a hospital bed that looks like a typical hospital room. Further into the room is another section that includes a kitchenette, a small dining table and a pull out sleeper couch. This room helps her family learn the ins and outs of caring for her once she goes home. You can see it in the pictures above.

Out for a Stroll

Taylor is now approved for all kinds of activities outside the hospital now that her defibrillator is implanted. We found a lovely path where we walked along a flowing creek, watched a bit of a high school baseball game, and then put Taylor on the grass for a few moments.


Taylor loves to pull pranks and uses them to keep things fun. She wanted me to include one of them here.

Knowing that Nathan and Arielle were coming to see her, Taylor got an idea to use a novelty toy she has to make some fun. She has a toy brain made out of soft foam. When you squeeze the brain it makes a flatulent sound. Her idea was to put the toy under her mid section and when Nathan and Arielle show up she could wiggle a bit and make the toy sound off. She did this to great effect for about two or three minutes. It went like this “PTHFEET! I’m sorry… PHFETHEFET! Sorry, I am taking medicine that makes me have gas… PFTTTTPH, oh, I’m so sorry.” Eventually Taylor’s mom pulled out the toy and let Arielle and Nathan know they were punked. Taylor’s fun attitude keeps everyone laughing.

6 thoughts on “Buds

  1. I’m glad to see you’re coming along Taylor and getting out and about somewhat.
    Keep strong.

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! Taylor you look so happy! It’s so great to see you smiling and having fun. A few months ago someone painted a big sign on our floor that says Taylor is perfect and I always see it when I come home and think about how great you are doing. Maseeh 1 students are gone for the summer but I know that you are always on Maseeh 1’s mind 🙂 Sending you and your family lots of love! Veronika ps: there was a Die Antwort concert in Boston this weekend and no one wanted to go with me 🙁 I thought if only Taylor and Claire were here…

  3. Looking great, T-bone! I am so happy you are getting some quality time with your lovely family and friends. Keep up the great work. We love you and are rooting from afar!


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