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To allow you to take a break from my father’s typos, I’m here to write a few posts here and there. In case you don’t know me, I’m Taylor’s younger brother, Nathan. I will be visiting my sister here at Craig until the 17th.

The defibrillator procedure now feels like the distant past. The only remnant of it is the temporarily limited left arm movement, and of course, the scar. It took a while to actually do the procedure, but now that it’s over, it’s great. We can leave the hospital to go on long walks or even drive around. Due to the generosity of my uncle Hung and aunt Erica who lent us their car, on Sunday we were able to drive to Downtown Denver and see the 16th street mall. We’ve also been walking around Englewood, the area surrounding Craig. Downtown Englewood is a very nice area with great places to eat. These past few days remind me of when Taylor and I used to hang out with our dad a lot and go to different restaurants and joke all the time.

Craig Hospital is a really wonderful place with great people, care, and support, but it’s time to leave. We are now a week away from discharge, and I think we’re all ready. Taylor has been here for a very long time and it shows by the way everyone knows her. Everybody here is sad to see her leave, but we are ready to come back to LA. This final week is the home stretch.

16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver

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  1. Dear Taylor,
    we are friends of Inge and your father John from Germany and just wanted to let you know that your story has deeply touched us. We just spent a sunny weekend in Natalie’s home town Freiburg in the Black Forrest preparing our wedding in August. We were hoping to welcome Inge and John there as our guests, but for sure they rather want to spend their time with you right now. We would certainly do the same. But we would like to send you alle the sun from the hottest place in Germany (a little mountain called “Kaiserstuhl” = “Emperor’s chair” next to Freiburg) and wanted to let you know that we’ll include you in our prayers at our wedding ceremony. You seem to be a power girl and sometimes power girls have to fight harder than others just because they can. Keep going, power girl! You”ll make it! We think you you and we admire your strength and the positive attitude your whole family and friends are sharing..
    All the best, Natalie and Joerg

  2. To Taylor and Taylor’s family,
    We can’t wait to welcome you back to LA. What a long time coming the homecoming has been and Taylor is ready due to her courage, positive attitude and loving support from all her family. We send congratulations on your recovery thus far and hope the trip home is smooth and uneventful.

  3. I saw the photo and thought you were already back on the Third Street Promenade, but nope, that’s next week!

  4. As one celebrity (Taylor Shaw) departs from Craig Hospital, another prepares to arrive there. This hit the AP today: “DENVER — Olympic champion swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen plans to undergo rehabilitation for her severed spine at a suburban Denver hospital. Van Dyken-Rouen plans to be transferred sometime next week to Craig Hospital, which specializes in spinal cord injuries.”

  5. Hello there! This is super news! Keep on thinking those positive thoughts and see the successes coming through in your minds so that they come to fruition in the very near future. You get what you think about.
    Thanks for posting, Nathan. There’s no sibling rivalries now, just lots of love.
    Safe travels are on the way,

  6. Nathan, you’re great at journaling like your parents. What wonderful news that Taylor will be returning to LA soon.

    I was going to say, the time has gone quickly, but I suspect that Taylor doesn’t feel that it’s been quick. So instead: what amazing work you’ve done at Craig.

  7. Dear Taylor and Nathan,
    It has been so good to see pictures of you both. Nathan, you are doing a great job of driving Taylor around. I still remember when you drove us around in L.A.! I wish I could see you both again and give you great big hugs!

    We are planning another move over the summer, but we just don’t know where, yet. We will keep you updated when we know.

    Lots of love,
    Aunt Ying

  8. Great post, Nathan. I can’t believe you are 17 years old now. You surely don’t remember me, but I was a babysitter of yours when you were only six years old. Where do the years go?

    What a good brother you are. Taylor is doing so well and I understand why you all are anxious to take her back to Los Angeles. I look forward to future updates on this website.

  9. It is wonderful to see you both out on adventures in Denver. Thank you for posting these pictures! You look ready for the next adventure – coming home.

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