Long Overdue Credit, Thank You Bob

Back in Boston we got a big favor that has never been acknowledged. We were in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and were about to be transferred to a general purpose floor for continued recovery. This was bad news to us because we had been telling the staff for the last two weeks that we need to be in the Neurology department because Taylor’s challenges at that time were all about her neurology. The excuse we kept hearing was that there was no room in Neurology. This was frustrating because when we asked questions we were told that “this is a neurology question” and that as members of the cardiac team they couldn’t help us. The idea of being transferred to a general purpose floor was worrying us.

Around this time Dr. Robert Langer, James Dahlman, and a few members of Taylor’s lab came to visit. “Bob” Langer is the Principal Investigator (PI) of Taylor’s lab and James is her lab supervisor. They asked if there was anything they could do to help and I mentioned the situation about getting to the neurology floor and that we were frustrated. They mentioned that they would try to see what they could do and left. About 20 minutes later, The nurse came in and told us we would be moving to the neurology floor. Later I got a call from James who asked me if we got transferred to the neurology floor.

Unlike all the super smart people at MIT, I am a bit slow on the uptake, it happened so soon after they left that I didn’t immediately make the connection. Though we will never know for sure, looking back now I am pretty sure Bob, who is a giant in academic research, intervened on Taylor’s behalf and contacted who he could to help Taylor get the care she needed. Time after time we have seen how the MIT community looks after their own. We are grateful to count them among the many angels, near and far, who have helped smooth the road to Taylor’s recovery. Thank you Bob and James.

3 thoughts on “Long Overdue Credit, Thank You Bob

  1. So glad that Taylor was able to get the care she needed — I didn’t know her personally while I was at MIT, but it has been so inspiring to follow along with your family’s journey during Taylor’s recovery (I’m now a medical student at UCSF, so it has just been amazing to see how much progress she has made from a neurological perspective; some of our professors mentioned that young adults are a wild card with respect to repair and brain plasticity after an injury, and it looks like even given that, Taylor is knocking it out of the ballpark!)

    rooting for you from san francisco!!

  2. Hi Taylor!! I am in India with wifi for the moment and didn’t really know how else so contact you so I am using your website. I miss you and am always so happy to check this website and see how your healing is coming along. I just wanted to let you know that I am always thinking about you and sending you all the positive energy I can even from Bangalore. I will be in LA in August so I will try to coordinate a time to see you if you are home then. Love you so very much!!

  3. This is to wish a very happy father’s day to John, Taylor’s dad. I’ve not met you but I’ve been inspired by your dedication, care, and humor with Taylor. I hope this year’s father’s day is especially special.

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