Appreciation for Friends

Even though we do not usually respond to comments posted on Taylor’s website, we do actually read them to her. It is wonderful how many people John, Inge, and I talk to who say that they follow the website. This is great encouragement for Taylor.

Now that we are back in Los Angeles, several of Taylor’s childhood friends have come by to visit her. I let them close the door so that they can be with her alone and immediately the gossip, giggling and laughter start. I notice that after one of these visits, Taylor wants to try more things on her own, to push herself more. It is great that she is able to be with people her own age (otherwise, she spends the whole day with her old fogie parents – how fun can that be, right?). At the end of July, two of Taylor’s dorm friends from MIT will be visiting.

Thank you, dear friends, for keeping up with us, your words of encouragement and all of your support!

4 thoughts on “Appreciation for Friends

  1. Taylor — we are praying and holding you up in PERFECTION every single day. We love you so much. Jack and I are sending you GOOD THOUGHTS and blessings.
    Love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Lydia and Jack

  2. Taylor, We are so excited at all of the progress you are making. Know that we keep you in our thoughts (only positive ones!) and prayers. Love, Sandy, Rob, Garrett, David and Mackenzie

  3. I am delighted to read that Taylor’s friends in Los Angeles have been rallying around her and that a couple of her MIT friends soon will be flying out to see her! Go, Taylor, go! All your friends are pulling for you.

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