A Moment of Clarity

Taylor had her first outpatient rehab sessions at Ranchos Los Amigos today.  We met her speech, occupational and physical therapists, the neuropsychologists and neurologist for the first time.  It looks like Taylor will have another awesome team working with her!

Today was mostly establishing Taylor’s “baseline” values.  In speech, her cognitive function was assessed; in occupational therapy, the range of motion and the strength in her arms were assessed; and in physical therapy, her walking, flexibility and strength in her legs were assessed.  All of this work tired her out, and Taylor took a 3 hour nap after we got home!  Going forward, she will have sessions 2 days a week and lots of homework.  The goal now is to get her back to independent living.

At night, when we were talking about the events of the day, Taylor explained that she experienced a “moment of clarity” in the speech therapist’s office.  Taylor says that what she “sees” is no longer like looking through a rainy window but is just blurry.  While in the speech therapist’s office, amongst all this blurriness, she realized there was a calendar there that clearly said “June,” but then it went away.  It’s like her brain is trying to interpret the images her eyes are taking in, and in that instant, the correct interpretation was made.  What an amazing moment of clarity!

6 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity

  1. We should be proud to live within the service area of Rancho Los Amigos hospital. It is one of the best rehab hospitals in the country, and it is a public hospital, owned by Los Angeles County. I am very glad to know that you, Taylor, are benefiting from the resources and expertise at Rancho. Everyone in Los Angeles County is invested in your recovery!

  2. Wow ! This IS Amaaaazing !
    Taylor you are soooo perfect.
    You are the proof that when you want something you CAN get it !
    I hope one day you will walk back to the hospital in MGH and show to those Drs that although the MRIs and prognosis looks horrific, sometimes there is a chance for recovery ! Even if that chance is minuscule, it will help other parents, loved ones to have a ray of hope if something happen to their kids, brother or sister.
    Thank you Taylor for being that inspiration !
    Thank you Kit and John for being so persistant and challenging Faith. All those nights up, all those questions asked to all medical staff that was walking around in MGH. It was ALLLL worth it !!!
    You guys are an AMAAAZING family !

  3. Taylor and Kit – it was so good to see you both last week at Church. I am so inspired by your strength and courage. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Sending love and healing thoughts.

  4. Alright, Taylor! Keep up the great work. I’m sure your brain will continue to mend, and provide you with many more moments of clarity.

    I thought of you a lot this week! I am rotating through a hospital. I have a white coat, stethoscope, and everything. You would laugh at me. Anyway, we were in the neurology department, and someone was describing the fact that some brain injuries are very difficult to overcome. It made me think of you because you have come so far in such a short amount of time. Just remember that as you continue to heal, there may be moments that are very frustrating and difficult. You may want things to come back more quickly than they do sometimes. But when that occurs, please remember how proud of you we are. You are doing such a GREAT JOB. You are an inspiration to us back here in Boston. We love you and are so excited that you are home, surrounded by your amazing family, sunny weather, and delicious avocados.


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