Becoming Taylor

We have been home more than 2 full days now and are slowly settling in.  It’s nice to see Taylor continue to become her old self again now that she is in the home setting.  When we were unpacking her clothes that had been sent back from her dorm room in Boston, she enjoyed going through them and remembering what she had as I described them to her.  She also expressed interest in going to a mall to get some skinny jeans, which had all been discarded in clearing out her dorm room after her accident.  When we were at Craig, she usually didn’t care which pajama pants or T-shirt was chosen for her to wear.

She also asked if she could “watch” TV, which is another thing she never expressed interest in at Craig.  Before her accident, Taylor was a big reality show fan.  Since she’s been home, she has been enjoying listening to the reality shows and jokes that she should be allowed to watch them because watching TV is good exercise for her eyes.

It makes me happy that Taylor is still interested in things that she enjoyed, like clothes and reality TV, before her accident.  To me, these are signs that she continues to recover her old self.

10 thoughts on “Becoming Taylor

  1. Welcome home Taylor! So great to see your updates. The video of you leaving Craig hospital was pretty epic 🙂 It’s so great to know that you are home! And it’s so great to see how well you are doing! Keep up the great work – it’s truly inspiring. And Kit and John – you guys are amazing too. Enjoy your time with Taylor – before you know it she’ll be on her next adventure and you’ll be missing her and wishing she was home 🙂 xoxo

  2. Taylor,
    Yours is the only “reality show” I have ever watched, which I have done faithfully since February when a class mate of yours at MIT asked for my family to pray for you from Nashua NH. We have prayed, and followed the Taylor is Perfect messages with interest, concern, and hope. Yours is a great story, first of LOVE, then of faith and hope…courage and JOY! Thank you to your family for letting us take this journey along side you, and thank you, perfect, beautiful, livley, wonderful Taylor for filling us all with so many reasons to believe! I continue to pray and are among many who wish they could just give you a big hug!!!! and receive your hug in return!


    Sam from Nashua NH

  3. I’m glad Taylor is getting acclimated to being back in Los Angeles. I’m sure the sunshine, the familiar settings, and all the Shaws’ friends will keep her going as she works towards recovering fully. I’ll continue to cheer her on!

  4. we have kept you and your family in our thoughts and prayers; so happy you are home!!!!!! you guys have made such huge progress and we know you will continue the good work at home…such a big important step to recovery. each day will bring new joys and challenges. hang in there!
    hugs and love to all from your friends in atlanta,
    mark and susan mulligan

  5. Dear Taylor,
    I was surprised and very glad to see you at church today. Glad we had a chance to chat for a bit. We hope to see you again soon.
    Loved the video of your walk out of Craig.

  6. see…sometimes hope can be miraculous! you’ve come so far…keep it up!

    keep hope alive,

  7. It was great meeting you at church today after following your story for so many months. Welcome home and I look forward to getting to know you!
    Sending many blessings.

  8. That is great to hear. Taylor, there is a new reality show airing this fall on A&E. It centers on this brewery in Somerville that one of my HST classmates opened! I don’t know if it will get picked up for a full time show or not but I do know that it has been picked up for a pilot.

    If you want, text me, and tell me something crazy to do. Then if the show gets picked up I’ll try to get filmed doing it. It’ll be the best inside joke ever!

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