Look, Ma! No hands!

One day, when I was working in the kitchen, Taylor just decided that she would get up from the couch where she was sitting and walk to the kitchen on her own.  She still has not recovered her vision, so I was surprised that she could do this without running into things.  She is still pretty unsteady on her feet by herself, but is trying more to walk on her own.  When we go places, we will rarely take her wheelchair anymore unless we know that we will do A LOT of walking.  Taylor still hasn’t built up enough stamina to walk more than ~1/2 mile, even with assistance, but she is getting there.  Below is a video of Taylor walking for a short stretch by herself.

One thing that we are working on now is getting her to use her left arm more.  She favors her right arm and having the ICD implanted near her left armpit didn’t help.  She really took it seriously when the doctor said not to raise the left arm above 90 degrees for 6 weeks.  However, 6 weeks passed last Thursday, so now it’s time to get that left arm back to work!

21 thoughts on “Look, Ma! No hands!

  1. John! I’m so happy to see these updates about Taylor, the growth at this point is AMAZING! I truly wish the best for you and her and could not be more pleased to see things are moving forward with such grace and beauty.

  2. WOW! Phenomenal and mind-blowing!!!!

    Cant wait to see the video’s in one months time and one years time (: totally inspirational

  3. Hey Taylor – I just wanted to say that this video is really incredible. You are a constant inspiration to us back in Boston. Keep up the outstanding work, and enjoy the beautiful California sunshine.

  4. oh my gosh this made me cry. or more like burst into tears. I have been watching taylor’s progress since john sent us the link months ago. if I ever had any doubt whether taylor is perfect (is it okay to admit that?), I am certain of a few things now — taylor is a perfect miracle unfolding before my eyes. I have watched her story from afar (from arizona thru my computer terminal) and have rejoiced in her triumphs and silently agonized with her parents and felt secretly, and maybe selfishly, blessed to have our 2 healthy sons. but the story as it is now is a testament to faith, dedication, perseverance and the strong will of a perfect taylor. taylor, you have made me a better, stronger person and parent, and I thank you for that gift. you are amazing.

  5. Fabulous fabulous FABULOUS!!! Taylor, you are just amazing! AGAIN! 🙂 More amazing progress – you go girl!!!!

  6. Taylor! This is so amazing, you are indeed perfect! This completely made my day.

    Much love,

  7. Wow….just, wow!!! Keep pushing yourself, girl! And don’t let the occasional set back get you down 🙂

  8. Fantastic!! Taylor, you’re looking great!!

    So much progress since the Spring – it’s great to see! Can only imagine how much work you’re all putting in to get this far.

    Suzanne and Jack


    Perfection. The music is so perfect in the video. I am so so so proud of you! The smile, your outfit, your strut everything gave me the biggest smile.

    I am sad I won’t be able to join Kyra and Justine in a week but I am flying into LAX on August 16th and will coordinate with your parents on visiting you then. Miss you and think about you everyday.

    All my love,

  10. Taylor! You are seriously amazing @__@

    Last night you were in my dream! I don’t actually remember much about it, but we were sitting in a cafe, talking at one point, and i think something about learning how to fly? Hmm….

    Anyway, you’re looking great! Keep it up! <3

  11. Hi Taylor, its your cousin, John. As soon as the video started you gave me a huge grin on my face! Its awesome to see that you are eager to get back out there and I know you’ll have no problem doing so. Great job!


    love your outfit
    love your smile
    love you

    can’t wait to see you in a week!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wow!!!! OMG! Wow!!!! Yay Taylor!!!!
    Perfectly amazing every step of the way!
    Keep on going!
    With love,
    The McPartlan’s
    Tyngsborough, MA

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