MIT Friends

Two friends from MIT, Kyra and Justine, have been visiting Taylor this weekend. As neither one of them has been to LA before, Taylor has been going around with them for the LA experience. They have sunned in Venice Beach, walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame, visited the Getty Center, walked on Rodeo Drive, saw the Hollywood sign, shopped on Melrose Ave, toured Paramount Studios, took a scenic drive on Mulholland Drive, and ate gluten-free “Fronuts” among other things.

They were also able to attend one therapy session with Taylor at Rancho Los Amigos and meet the medical director there, who is an MIT alumnus.

It has been a joy for Taylor (and me) to have them visit.

6 thoughts on “MIT Friends

  1. I haven’t posted in awhile…and just spoke with Melony Bronder as well about Taylor and how she is doing. WOW, it is so phenomenol how her progress has gone. We are very excited for her and her family.
    Please send hugs to Taylor!!!!!!

  2. What fun! That’s so cool Taylor was able to show her MIT friends how life is on the other coast! Thanks for keeping up the posts and sharing the videos and pictures. It’s been a joy for us to read about your days and see how well Taylor is doing!

  3. Wow, you guys have really done a lot! All of that in one weekend?! I’m impressed! You guys must have had a lot of fun 🙂 I will miss California since I’m in Texas now.

  4. What a happy post! I know Justine was so excited to go out there and see Taylor with Kyra. I’m so happy it has been a fun trip and that Taylor has been able to show them the sights! Taylor must be exhausted! I know I would be. I can’t wait to hear all about it when Justine comes back home in a few weeks.
    Thank you for having them!
    Much love,

  5. Kit, it’s great to see this photo of Taylor and her friends enjoying La-La Land!

  6. Super like!!! <3 <3 You go Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the California sun and the company!

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