More Intense Therapy

Today was Taylor’s first day of therapy at the “Center for Neuro Skills”-CNS in Encino. It is a switch from the coaching/home therapy we were doing to an intense 6 hour a day, 5 days a week skilled care program. Her first day was not so tough, as Taylor has been working hard at home and was prepared to handle the workload. Her new therapist team seems great. Taylor chose to switch to this program herself to speed up her recovery.

Leaving Rancho Los Amigos was sad, as everyone there has been wonderful to us, and the therapists are top notch. On our last day (yesterday), Taylor did a lot of follow-up testing and evaluations, which showed remarkable improvement on almost every measure. We will miss the staff at Rancho greatly. Here is a picture of Taylor and two visiting friends from MIT, Kyra and Justine -when they were here back in July, at Rancho with the Rancho Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mindy Aisen, who is an MIT alum herself.

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  1. Taylor, it is fantastic that you are already up for this new challenge. You are so awesome! We miss you very much and are always eager to hear how much you are doing. Your Mom or Nathan may have told you but we are going to be in L.A. Thanksgiving week as we are going to Disneyland (finally) with my sister’s family. We hope to see you and your family while we are there. Also my sister Lisa very much wants to meet you in person as she has become a big fan through reading this site and everything I have shared with her about how amazing you are. For now… hi from all of us, and keep up the good work!

  2. Wow Taylor!! Keep on going. Like others have mentioned, I am not surprised one bit with your overachieving decision. We continue to think of you everyday and are rooting you on. We can’t wait to welcome you back to MIT! If anyone can do it, it is YOU!

  3. John, leave it to Taylor to be an overachiever — even when it comes to recovery! I am unsurprised that she’s choosing an even more demanding program and continue to cheer her on.

  4. Dear John & Kit,
    Thank you for your continuous updates. I love following Taylor’s progress and look forward to the day she returns to MIT. Justine loved visiting with Taylor and I loved looking at the photos from the visit. Taylor’s recovery has been remarkable and I believe it is largely due to the positivity that this blog provides. You all have changed my life so much in the way I approach challenges in my own life, and the understanding and appreciation in the power of the human mind.
    With love,

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