Funny Fans

Taylor has funny fans. The neighbor of her (Dad’s) house in Venice is stand up comedian Lachlan Patterson. He has been doing stand up for years but recently made it to second place on the NBC show “Last Comic Standing.” He recorded a message for Taylor on YouTube. Check it out here:

Of course, Taylor is also a big fan of Lach, and we have been watching his sets on the show week after week. It has been fun to see him progress in the show while Taylor has been progressing in her recovery.

In addition to Lach, one of Taylor’s biggest fans on this site, Mimi McCaffrey, is also a stand up comedian. It is great that Taylor has such talented supporters!

3 thoughts on “Funny Fans

  1. Hey Tay…………so when you get finished at Lach’s on 6th………could you please swing by Houston cuz i have a few chores i could really use your help with!!!

    Love ya

  2. Still staying strong Taylor and I’m glad to read you are getting much of your independence back – Good for you!

  3. John, what an honor to be mentioned in the same posting as Lachlan Patterson, whose perfomance(s) on Last Comic Standing knocked me out. Thanks for the shout-out. And thumbs up to Taylor for her amazing and continuing to recovery. I’ll continue to pray for her and cheer her on and I’ll try to be funny while doing so!

    All the best,

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