6 months

Today is a momentous day for 2 reasons.  The first is that Taylor’s brother, Nathan, turned 18 years old.  The second is that today marks 6 months since Taylor had her cardiac arrest on Feb. 22.  Six months ago, we got that fateful call that said Taylor was in the cardiac intensive care unit.  She spent the next 5 weeks in a coma/semi-vegetative state.  She spent another 10 weeks in rehabilitation at Craig Hospital.  She has been home for 9 weeks and goes to outpatient rehabilitation sessions.  When she came home, she could walk some with assistance but mostly, she was wheelchair dependent.  She took showers using a shower chair, and needed help to transfer from the wheelchair to the sofa, bed, dining room chair, toilet.  She could not feed herself.  Now, she walks on her own; we have put the wheelchair away.  She gets around the house by herself and goes from bedroom to living room to kitchen at her will.  She does not use the shower chair anymore and can use the toilet by herself.  She can feed herself.  She can almost get out of bed by herself, and she continues to build stamina to walk long distances.  She is working on getting dressed (and undressed) by herself now.  It is a very slow process, but she continues to make gains.

5 thoughts on “6 months

  1. Taylor we love you and are so proud of you here in Boston. You continue to inspire us. Keep up the incredible work.

  2. Kit, thank you for this and all the updates. Taylor has come so far. You and John have done a great job, which started six months ago, when you refused to accept a dire prognosis for Taylor. I’ll continue to pray that her recovery speeds along.

    All the best,

  3. Taylor, these are not slow or small gains. Do you realize how absolutely amazing you are? Please be proud of yourself and your family for these MONUMENTAL accomplishments in only 6 months and 19 weeks of rehab. Not that I would expect anything less from you though you overachiever ;). I can only imagine and look forward to the great progress you will make in the next 6 months. Lots of love from Boston and thinking of you always!

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