Challenges with Fine Motor Skills

Probably the 2 most challenging things for Taylor these days are her fine motor skills and her sight.  Her fine motor skills are still developing but not yet back to the point where she can type or text.  She has the new iPhone, which has accessibilities (voice-over) for sight impaired people and Siri to tell it commands, so that she can start to check her messages and make phone calls on her own.  Her biggest frustration is dressing herself.  She still requires moderate assistance to get dressed, and it is frustrating for her that she cannot do this herself.  Of course, her imperfect sight contributes to her not being able to learn this faster.  She cannot see exactly where the arm hole is in the t-shirt where her arms need to go or where the leg-hole is in her shorts where her leg needs to go, for example. With her sight, she can now read short sentences on flash cards.  However, she cannot see the whole sentence at once, like you or I can.  She has to read one word, remember it as she scans for the next word, and then eventually put the whole sentence together.

As I said, her motor skills are improving.  Recently, she has been practicing her writing at CNS.  I saw her write her name for the first time since her accident, and I was over joyed!

On another note, the paper that Taylor co-authored (May 21 post) has been published in hard copy.  The paper made the cover of that journal’s issue. Taylor’s former graduate student mentor (James, now a PhD – congratulations James!) sent her a framed, author signed copy of the cover, which now hangs in her room.

There are days when the frustration leads to tears, but as a friend said to me, we should be worried if Taylor is not frustrated. That she is frustrated means she wants to improve; and that’s a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Challenges with Fine Motor Skills

  1. Taylor, Maseeh1 misses you and reads all your updates and we are all so impressed with you and we miss you and we send you lots of love. Looking forward to the next amazing update 🙂 xoxo V

  2. Taylor, all these ‘baby’ steps add up to big steps in the direction you want to go. I’m just so amazed at the progress you’ve made and the sheer determination you possess. I would like to aspire to have your will and strength!

  3. Taylor I constantly think about you when I see your model in the architecture room. It sounds like you’re doing great and really pushing yourself. I’m so impressed, but really it’s what I expected from having you as a student. =) Your fine motor skills will come, so don’t stress! Those take years to develop growing up so of course they take longer to recover.
    Keep being awesome. We all wish you the best at BHHS. =)

  4. Taylor, I am sure it must be difficult at times when you are struggling to dress yourself or to read easily. I am praying for you and cheering you on as you apply your talents and determination to getting better. If at times you should feel discouraged, remember that there is a wide circle of friends who hold you in their hearts. You have had a heavy cross to bear since February, but know that you are loved by many as you carry that cross and that God surely must be giving you grace since you have done amazingly well so far.

  5. Taylor! I know I don’t contact you to say hi as often as I should/want to, but just know that I think about you every day and always keep up with this blog. You’re such a huge inspiration and watching you during this experience honestly influences me so so much to work harder and push myself, just as you push yourself on a daily basis. Even if you’ve heard this a million times and are sick of it, I just wanna tell you to never give up and stick with your therapy! Hopefully I can visit again soon.

    Love you so much,

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