Some New Videos

Taylor has been making great progress. Each day she pushes herself a bit more to get better at each little task. Sometimes I want to help her so much. It would be so easy to just adjust this or that so she can pick it up, or close it, or button it, or whatever the case may be, but she usually refuses my help so she can learn the task through struggling.

Stair Climbing:
Taylor has been climbing stairs for a while but her skills are always getting better. She has progressed from one step with the same foot to one step with alternating feet to two steps with one foot to what you see here which is alternating feet taking two steps. This was a few weeks ago, nowadays she is taking steps without a hand rail.
Here she is climbing up the stairs:

And here she is running:

5 thoughts on “Some New Videos

  1. Veronika has been raving about the progress you’re making, Taylor, and the videos tell the same great story! Wonderful to see! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from Maseeh.

  2. Wonderful! It is inspiring to see you working hard and improving every day!
    I second the comment about the dress – very cute! 🙂

  3. Hi Taylor. I’m so proud of you. Keep doing what you are doing,you know the best. You set the goal for your self! You are a real champ!!❤️❤️

  4. Taylor, you are doing great! Your polka dot dress is super cute and that warm weather looks fantastic…it is a blizzard here today. See you soon. Hope you have an awesome birthday!

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