Eyes Open, Eyes Closed and Out of the ICU

Yesterday morning Taylor was again able to respond to my commands to open and close her eyes. Today she did it as well but not as energetically as she did yesterday. The plan is to work out a slow blink and then use one and two slow blinks to work out a yes and no response. Once we work this out the first question will be “do you want me to change the music I am playing for you?” I’m sure the answer will be “YES!”

In between these two performances Taylor has been doing some more of what is called ‘storming’ also called Paroxysmal Sympathetic Hyperactivity (PSH). This is where Taylor gets nervous and starts breathing quickly with a high heart rate. Typically hospitals handle this by administering sedatives. Instead of this we are trying to calm Taylor with a foot massage or a soothing voice. That didn’t work last night but so far is working out today and Taylor is getting better at handling herself.

Finally we are back on the neurology care floor a room right next to Taylor’s last room. The ICU folks were great but we are glad to be in more calm environs for sure.

5 thoughts on “Eyes Open, Eyes Closed and Out of the ICU

  1. This is terrific news. Taylor is going to keep on improving and she is strong. I am praying for all of you. Love you!

  2. Hi Kit,
    Good to know that Taylor is out of the ICU and getting better. Thinking and praying for you both everyday. With love and best wishes, Sujna

  3. Kit, it’s great news that Taylor is doing better. I’m so sorry that this happened. I send you my prayers in hopes that Taylor’s recovery continues to go well and quickly.

  4. Happy to hear Taylor is out of the ICU and that she continues to respond to questions. I’m cheering her on.

  5. This is such wonderful news that Taylor was moved out of ICU. I am hoping that she can soon “talk” to you with blinks. I think of Taylor every day.

    With much love,