Paper Cranes

Today, Taylor received a beautiful paper crane mobile from old friends in Birmingham. Each crane has a saying on it, such as, “Taylor is perfect,” or “We love Taylor.” It is also very colorful and gives Taylor something nice to look at while she’s lying in bed ( see picture).

Taylor had a good day today. She rested a lot and got to sit in the lounge chair. She is still storming, but the episodes are more in control.

Tomorrow, a representative from Craig Hospital will be evaluating Taylor to see if she is ready/right for their program. We will also be evaluating them to see if it is the right program for Taylor.

14 thoughts on “Paper Cranes

  1. What a thoughtful gift. Paper Cranes are a symbol of peace and how wonderful to have friends to fold cranes for her. I’m guessing they know the story of the girl Sadako Sasaki who survived the Hiroshima atomic bombing in 1945 who had a friend who gave her a folded crane. (Anyone who folds a thousand cranes will have their wish granted.) I would be more than happy to fold cranes with Taylor 🙂 Please let us know how and when we can help! Sending Love, Hugs, Smiles, and Prayers! -Pansy, Paul, and Joshua

  2. We’re so happy the cranes brighten Taylor’s room! Once we finally figured out how to fold the birds, we couldn’t stop! We hope the colorful strands remind you how much love we all have for you!

  3. Taylor, you look beautiful and peaceful enjoying the cranes that fly to you with so much love and appreciation from all of us around the globe. We send love to you and your family. Hi to Nathan too. Beth

  4. The cranes bring light and love into your room – though it was already there, of course. Sending love and holding you and your family close. Rev. Rebecca

  5. Kit – if it is the Craig Hospital in Denver and you do end up there PLEASE let me know as we live in Denver and are happy to help you out with anything you may need.

    Continually sending you all healing and positive thoughts !!!

    • Hi Kristin,
      Yes, it is Craig Hospital in Denver. I will definitely look you up if we end up there!

    • Thanks Mimi for your terrific support. We got your postcard today an read it to Taylor. Your support means so much to Taylor and her support team.

      • Oh, you’re so welcome, John! Taylor and Nathan have remained in my heart during all the years since I was their babysitter. Edward and Cathy Shaw love your kids so much and have kept me up to date on them. I am so impressed by your and Kit’s optimism and determination. I have been praying to St. Therese of Lisieux for Taylor because St T is a sweetheart…just like Taylor Shaw! XO to all of you.

  6. Dear ones,
    So glad our cranes made it and that you are enjoying them! Each one carries our hopes for your most perfect recovery and our love for your family.

    Love love love Ellise and family

  7. Hi Taylor, Looks like you are reading all the cool sayings on the paper cranes. What a great gift. I am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. Thinking of you. Inge

  8. A beautiful crane mobile for a beautiful Taylor. What wonderful friends you have Taylor. Keep up the good work.